Saturday, 27 July 2013

Summer in the city

It's hot here in Spain, and it will be even hotter in the city, so I am sitting indoors where it is cool and I have no plans to venture into the nearest city of Murcia to do any shopping, even though the Sales (Rebajas) have started!  Instead, I have been playing with Polyvore again, as Fabulous after 40 are running another Pinterest competition: What to wear on a European vacation.

I have created two outfits this time.  The first outfit is for sight-seeing in the city, featuring a cool blue linen blouse over cropped lightweight trousers and flat shoes. If you are visiting Paris and want to blend in with the Parisians, you might want to wear Converse trainers instead of these sandals! I have deliberately chosen a top that isn't too revealing in case you want to visit any churches, though quite honestly nowadays anything seems to go.
The second outfit is for shopping in the city and, if I owned any of these items, I would be happy to wear this for a shopping trip to Murcia. This dress is ideal for slipping on and off when trying on clothes. I chose ballerinas as I prefer flat shoes for traipsing round the shops, however it would also look good with wedges. The linen jacket wouldn't be needed for shopping in most Spanish cities, as they are so hot that you welcome  the icy air conditioning, but you might appreciate it in other cities, especially when eating your lunch in an air conditioned restaurant. 
The floppy sun hat might be enough to keep the sun out of your eyes, but I would ditch the hat and wear my shades instead. What do you like to wear for visiting cities in the summer time? Do you have any tips for keeping cool in the city?


  1. Hi Sue - What fun outfits & options! We live near downtown Orlando, FL, so it's almost always like summer. I love wearing sun dresses & sandals (flats, wedges, heels) just about most days. Best tips for keeping cool? Drink plenty of water, apply quality sunscreen & wear great shades!

  2. I'm no fashion expert, but I do have some experience in hot weather as I live in Tucson, AZ. I have often joked that we only have 3 seasons, hot, damn hot, and the two weeks of winter ;-).

    Last year, I had the experience to go to China. In researching I had found that wicking clothes were the way to go. Often, you can find these kinds of clothes at camping/hiking outfitters. They're light, cool, and dry out quickly.

    Not surprisingly, they work well for the extreme heat here in the Sonoran Desert as well as the sticky summer humidity in Shanghai.