Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Mixing it in the office

It's a long while since I worked in an office - over five years, in fact - unless you count sitting in front of the PC at home. After yesterday's fun mixing and matching in Polyvore, I thought I would continue playing today, but with an office environment in mind. I decided that the starting point would be a classic and comfortable skirt, but it took me a long while to find one that I would have been happy to wear to work. Mini-skirts? No, not even in the fairly relaxed office where I used to work. Midi-skirts? Definitely not, as they aren't a flattering look if you're 5'1". Finally, I found one that was suitable, which I decided to wear with the coral jacket that took my fancy yesterday. 

Next I looked for a classic white shirt to wear with my office outfit. I spotted one that I liked the look of, but then I discovered that it was dry clean only! Hello? Who would want to buy a white shirt that has to be dry cleaned? I was also surprised by how many white tops were cropped (another definite no!) or far too frilly for my taste. I eventually had to settle for a short-sleeved white top, and I also chose a striped top for an alternative look.
This time there are only two items that cost more than 100€. No peeping: decide which two items you think are the most expensive ones before scrolling down. 

I ruled out trainers (our office wasn't quite that casual) but ballerinas make a second appearance, albeit in a different shade. It's summer so I've included a pair of shades, though in the UK I probably wore a light jacket and bright scarf as often as I wore sun glasses even in the summer months.

The pair of kitten heels from  L.K.Bennett is the most expensive item at 185€ and the Chesca Linen Skirt from John Lewis costs 135€.  I could be tempted by those heels as they are just the right height for walking round the shops, but I would definitely need to give them a test drive first at that price! I have shown a few different accessories to illustrate how easily you can change your look, and many of the items in the previous post could also be worn with this skirt. I think we are on our way to building a capsule wardrobe! 


  1. Good selection of classic cut clothing. I would never have thought of putting the blue and coral together but you can see from your picture that it does.
    The scarf would pull it all together.

    I love the kitten heels, but at 185euro I'd probably pass.

  2. In recent years I have become a great fan of scarves as a way to pull together two or three different colours and make an outfit complete.

    I agree that 185€ is a lot for a pair of shoes. They would have to be super-comfy for me to spend that much!

  3. Fantastic work man, keep your heads high you did it.
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