Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Happy anniversary to my blog!

I started this blog just over a year ago, when I decided to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I do have another blog, Spain Uncovered, which was set up with the help of my publisher as a way to promote my book, "Retiring the Olé Way". However on impulse I decided to start a new blog, where I could indulge myself talking about fashion, beauty, travel, life in Spain and whatever else I fancied - all of it aimed at other women over 60. Thus "Over 60 and Over Here" was born, and I posted my first thoughts in the Ultimate Blog Challenge in July 2012. I started the challenge late and only managed 22 posts, but I enjoyed my new blog and continued writing posts for it over the next eleven months.

Fast forward to July this year and I received an invitation to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge again. This time - once this post has been published - I have succeeded in writing 31 posts and I have to admit that I am feeling a teeny bit smug!

It's amazing how many other blogger are out there in the great blogosphere. When posting on the facebook page set up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge, we are asked to comment on the two blogs above us on the comment list. This proved to be an interesting exercise as some of the blogs were, if I'm being completely honest, of absolutely no interest to me. I tried to wait until I saw a couple that I thought I might enjoy reading but, if I was too slow in posting the link to my own blog, I would see to my horror that other people had also posted and I was stuck with a really boring post to comment on.  I am guessing that some of the people who commented on here thought exactly the same as me!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the other participants for a fascinating month's reading. There are some brilliant bloggers out there and others who are - dare I say it? - definitely average. I would like to think that maybe I come somewhere in between, but that of course is the ego of the blogger. After all we are all writinh our blogs in the belief that somebody, somewhere out there, might find our meandering thoughts of interest.

In particular I would like to thank everybody who visited my blog and was kind enough to comment. I'm not just talking about visitors from the Ultimate Blog Challenge here - in particular I am talking about my regular readers who leave their comments on my posts and reassure me that I'm not just talking to myself! You know who you are and you constantly make my day.


  1. A very Happy Anniversary to your blog and well done on completing the Ultimate Blog Challenge, quite an achievement.

    Here's to the next 12 months.

  2. Sue,

    Congratulations on Year #1!

    I had read your book, and your Spain Uncovered blog (all with great interest—and many seeds planted for the not-too-distant future).

    Then, several months ago, I casually clicked on a link in another fashion blog because it mentioned "Over 60" (I am not 60 yet, but REALLY close!), and there YOU were!

    Imagine my surprise. "Wait a minute....isn't that the same Sue Walker in Jumilla?!"

    That connection—feeling like I "knew you" from your book!—made reading your fashion blog all the more fun—and I've since continued to check in often because it IS fun, and well-written!

    I regret commenting as "Anonymous" but I don't belong to any of the available "profiles" so Anonymous it is!

    Looking forward to Year #2!

  3. Happy anniversary. I do enjoy your blog and wish you a great future.

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments. I enjoy writing my blog but it is even more enjoyable when I receive comments - and know that someone out there is actually reading what I have written!

    "Anonymous", perhaps you could add your first name to your comments and then I will know who you are?