Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Summer 33 revised

The cold winter and cool, wet spring fooled me into thinking that our Spanish summer wouldn't be too hot this year. Granted we haven't had the high temperatures of last year, but it's still well over 30 degrees centigrade in the day-time and pleasantly warm at night. Over the last six weeks we have been enjoying a series of concerts in local bodegas, most of which have finished well past midnight, and guess what? I haven't needed to wear a cardigan or jacket at all, even late at night. I'm slowly building up to an admission that I got my summer 33 totally wrong!

For the benefit of any new readers, I'm taking part in Project 333, where you have a wardrobe of 33 clothes to last you for 3 months. The really dedicated participants include shoes and accessories, but at the moment I'm allowing myself 33 items of clothing for each season. My summer 33 included - wait for it! - three cardigans and three jackets. Whatever was I thinking of?!

This is the link to my original summer wardrobe: summer 33. I have now removed all the cardigans and jackets, plus a long-sleeved top that also hadn't been worn, and replaced them with a short dress, a pair of shorts and four sleeveless tops.

I have found this a really enlightening exercise. In previous years my wardrobe would have been stuffed full of clothes for the summer and I wouldn't have realised that I wasn't wearing half of them. Now there is a lot more room, I am more aware of  what I'm wearing and, as a bonus, I am having fun creating new outfits with the clothes that are there.  What about you? Do you wear all the clothes that are hanging up in your wardrobe?

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