Monday, 16 July 2012

Saturday night out, Spanish style

Occasionally we decide to blow the budget and have a special night out together, like we did last Saturday.  We paid the princely sum of 20€ each for tickets to "Música entre Vinos" at Bodegas Bleda, which was one of a series of concerts held in local wineries.

Our friends Lesley and John kindly picked us up at 8pm and drove us there as the bodega is out of town.  The evening was supposed to begin at 8pm with a tour of the bodega, but we have visited it before so we didn't need to do the tour.  Besides which, this is Spain and punctuality is pretty rare!

The concert by Oché Cortés was very good: it was billed as an evening of "boleros", which we realised was music that you can cha-cha to as soon as an elderly couple started dancing.  We would probably describe Oché as a crooner - and he was also a bit of a comedian, judging by the laughter from the mainly Spanish audience whenever he spoke.  He was accompanied by a very talented pianist too, whose name escapes me.

We sat outside on a beautiful July evening, surrounded by people of all ages, and realised how lucky we are to be living here.  Lesley summed it up: great music and a great atmosphere.  Our only complaint was that we didn't get to sample the wines and have some food until after the concert finished at quarter to eleven!  By this time, the rosado wine was frozen in the ice bucket, so clearly the caterers had expected the concert to be finished earlier too.

The food was typical of this area: lots of empanadas (savoury pastries similar to Cornish pasties, but usually containing tuna, potato and egg), local goats cheeses, jamón and other cold meats, tortilla squares, all accompanied by the (very) chilled rosado wine, white wine and the award-winning Divus red wine.

We eventually got home at about one, having had a great evening's entertainment with lots to eat and drink: we definitely got our money's worth.  The good news is that we are going to another concert in a different bodega this coming weekend.  How do you like to spend your Saturday nights?

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