Friday, 27 July 2012

Do clothes make the woman?

Why do we wear clothes?  First of all to preserve our modesty and, for those of you who aren't so modest, it is also to adhere to the law.  There are of course nudist beaches and resorts, but as the Naked Rambler knows only too well, wandering around without any clothes on in public can get you arrested and even imprisoned.

Apart from these reasons, I wear clothes to be comfortable and because I like the colour, pattern or shape of a particular outfit.  I also try to wear clothes that flatter me, which can be particularly challenging if you are  petite like me.  When I was younger and slimmer than I am now, I would often look in the children's department for clothes to fit me.  There are of course specialist brands, but that can limit your choices at times.  Even they can let you down, when you find that their perfect short trouser length has suddenly become a little longer!

As a petite whose waistline has decided to disappear, I have been looking at several style and fashion blogs for suggestions about which styles will suit my new figure.  Apparently a "column of colour" will help to slim me down and make me look taller, as will vertical lines. However no belts, no horizontal lines and no wrap dresses in future.  Oh dear!  Here are some examples of these from my current wardrobe:

Wrap around dress = No
Horizontal stripes and belt = No No

You know what?  Rules are made to be broken.  I like both these outfits and I feel comfortable in them, so maybe next time I buy a new outfit I will follow the rules for dressing as a petite.  Maybe.


  1. I loved this . Follow your own rules and go with what you feel good in. I an 5'10 and always break the rules . I pledged my sorority in a 4 inch spike heel, many years ago. Now that I'm older and much heavier (Thank you Lord) I still am breaking a few rules as look as the item looks good and I'm comfortable wearing it.

    I will be checking back with you to see how your blog is going.


  2. Thanks, Michelle, it's good to know there's another rebel out there! This blog is a mixture of fashion, style, health and beauty, plus anything else that pops into my head on a given day - any suggestions for future topics will be gratefully received!

  3. Hi Sue, I think you look great in both outfits, the most important rule for you body type is wearing skirts and dresses that end just below the knee, and both your dresses do this. You're also wearing shoes that are open on top and that is great for petite women because your leg looks longer. I agree with you, we shouldn't worry so much about the rules... everything works if we feel good :)

  4. If you like them and they feel good, by all means wear them. I am an over 60 male. I wear what makes me feel comfortable and that is my personal fashion statement. After the age 60, we should not be bound by fashion. I spent yesterday on American Airlines flights, and an article in their on board magazine was all about Bermuda Shots and that the proper way to ware them is with a dress shirt,tie, blazer, and knee high socks. I guess I'll never be "in Fashion" because that is just not going to happen.

  5. I say whatever makes you feel good about yourself is the only fashion rule that needs to be followed. I mean, my gosh, have you *SEEN* some of the things in magazines these days that are "in style"? ;-)

  6. Thanks for all your comments. I think we are all in general agreement that how you feel is the most important thing and that if you want to break the fashion rules do so. I would love to have the courage to wear more outrageous outfits, but I don't really want to be the centre of attention, so I just admire people who are confident enough to do so.