Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Fashion savvy - or fashion victim?

Many of us over 60s are still very interested in fashion and don't want to be seen as frumpy and dumpy, but how do we avoid falling into the trap of slavishly following the latest trends and becoming a fashion victim instead?

Take the current trend for wearing fluorescent colours.  I like bright colours and could easily be tempted, but a lime green top or shocking pink blouse worn next to an ageing face is not a flattering look.  Trust me, I've tried them on!  I remember fondly the purple miniskirt and shocking pink top that I wore in the sixties, but I was young enough to get away with it then.  Sadly, that is no longer the case!

If I want to indulge myself and succumb to this trend  then I need to restrict myself to brightly coloured bangles or maybe a lime green clutch bag.  As for wearing bright colours on my bottom half - even if I was still skinny it wouldn't flatter my legs and it is a fashion trend best avoided.  As is the trend for patterned trousers, unless I want to look like a clown.

Motel Jordan Stretch Denim Jeans
Motel Jordan Stretch Jeans from Next
Do not be tempted!

I subscribe to newsletters from Wallis as they have a good petite range, but I need to bear in mind that not all  of their styles will necessarily suit me.  It is good to have an idea about the latest fashions, but although I like their bold, bright print collection "Hot Tropics", I have to be realistic and accept that some styles will simply overwhelm me as I am only 5' 1".

I also buy a weekly Spanish magazine called Mia, which is particularly useful as, if I see clothes that I like, I know that I can buy them over here.  Last week's magazine featured "plumas" (feathers) as one of the latest trends: needless to say I turned that page over quickly.  Any ladies of a certain age reading this - believe me, a feathery skirt won't make you look fashionable, it will just make you look ridiculous.  This is a trend for teens and twenties only, in my opinion.  Do you agree?


  1. Hi Sue,
    I am neither a lady nor over 60 so I don't know how much authority I can have on this but I do think that there are quite a few ladies over 60 who look classy and I would take that by far over some of the so-called fashion followers that I see. Ultimately if you FEEL good in it then does it matter what anyone else thinks?

    1. Hi Keith

      Good to get a male perspective! You are of course quite right in what you say, but sadly many women DO worry too much about what other people think. Anyone who slavishly follows fashion, no matter what their age, is probably a bit insecure. Some women are, as you say, naturally classy - my friend Beryl was one of them and managed to look elegant even when wearing running kit!

      I am hoping to encourage other women who love fashion to adapt it to suit their individual styles and personalities.