Monday, 23 July 2012

My schizophrenic wardrobe

I've read lots of good advice on other people's blogs about building a stylish wardrobe - check out the links and you will see what I mean.  Several factors should be taken into consideration, such as your current lifestyle, your shape and your colouring, as well as personal preferences.  Organised ladies have several beautifully co-ordinated capsule wardrobes, which may include one for their working life if they haven't retired; a more casual selection of clothes for their leisure time and some glamorous clothes for nights out.  They group their clothes so that they can immediately see what top goes with whatever skirt or pair of trousers they plan to wear on a particular day. You can bet your bottom dollar that they never wail "I've got nothing to wear"!  I admire them, I would like to emulate them, but although the sensible me tells me to choose neutral colours and classic styles - the frivolous, irresponsible me says "Look at that gorgeous colour.  Don't you love that pattern?"  and another unsuitable purchase ends up in my wardrobe.

You can see what I mean if you look at this section of my wardrobe.  Lots of difference colours and patterns, with a token beige jacket as a gesture towards a capsule wardrobe.  Skirts mixed in with tops and jackets, none of them really going with each other, this is hardly a wardrobe to brag about.  Looking at this, would you have a clue what my personal style is?  I thought not.

Now that I work from home, I don't have many smart daytime clothes.  I guess I am a smart casual person at best, with a few clothes for going out, and mainly trousers and tops.  What does your wardrobe say about you?


  1. My wardrobe screams 'HI, I HAVE KIDS!'
    It is rare that we buy new clothes for ourselves as we spend so much getting the girls kitted out so we are always last on the list. I recently bought some new shirts/t-shirts because I have lost quite a bit of weight and nothing was fitting me any more.
    Apart from that track-suit bottoms, t-shirts, the occasional pari of jeans and a few polo shirts occupy most of mine.

  2. My wardrobe was similar when my kids were younger, though as I had to work full-time I needed to have a few smart clothes. I remember someone at work admiring my "new" suit and asking where I had bought it: the answer was Oxfam! It was a regular haunt of mine and when my younger brother got married my "new" wedding outfit, which several relatives admired, was also from the charity shop.