Thursday, 26 July 2012

Release your inner child

As adults - particularly when we are women of a certain age - we are supposed to be the mature and sensible ones.  We are expected to behave in a certain way, which for those of us with children means not embarrassing them.  My daughter Kate gave me a mug with the words "If you're not embarrassing your children, you're not enjoying yourself".  I don't know whether that was meant to inspire me to enjoy myself more, but that's the way I have taken it.

I should add one proviso: if you still have children at school, please avoid showing them up in front of their peers.  However my children are now adults and don't seem to mind if I behave in what might be considered an inappropriate way, such as embarrassing dancing.  I could win gold medals for dancing in an embarrassing way, but I love letting my hair down (not literally, as it's short) and showing off my moves on the dance floor.

I also adore going on a swing - and children have been known to wait patiently to take their turn while the sixty-year old woman tries to see how high she can swing.  I don't know what they think, and I don't care.  I am letting my inner child have a good time.

Adults playground in Haydon Bridge
A couple of years ago we went back to the UK for my nephew's wedding and stayed in Haydon Bridge for the weekend.  We could have stayed at Langley Castle Hotel where the wedding was being held, however the B & B in Haydon Bridge where we had the whole place to ourselves was more fun and a lot cheaper!  One of the highlights of the weekend was going out for a walk and discovering the playground in the photo - eventually my daughters had to drag me away!

What do you enjoy doing that could be considered child-like?  Do you ever release your inner child and have fun doing so?  It's a great way to relieve any stress and in my case it scores high on the feel-good factor.


  1. We have recently had a play area for older children in a piece of wasteland near us, needless to say we have tried all the swings, arial slide and roundabouts. Yesterday when we walked the dogs round there we found they have out a new sign up to say no dogs to be walked through and no adults on the equipment! Some council killjoy with nothing better to do. have they seen the size of some of the 'older kids'? They dwarf me so I can't see how I'm going to 'damage' the equipment. Still, it's not likely to be monitored well, so next time it's quiet - I might let the devil in me play!

  2. My friend's 12 year old daughter towers over me, so I totally agree with you. I forgot to mention roundabouts in my blog - I love them too!

  3. Our dogs get very perplexed when Neil and I start playing on the swings, they don't seem to like us moving in such a manner!