Sunday, 22 November 2015

No repeat November - week 3

Week 3 of the challenge was when I knew things would start to become tricky. I had shown 17 tops in my capsule wardrobe, however one of those I haven't purchased yet! Once my "No Shopping November" comes to an end I intend to purchase the "missing" top, but in the meantime it brings my actual choices down to 16. Another problem has been the lovely weather, which meant that one top was far too warm to wear. I brought in a substitute, however that top has now gone in the recycling (on the recommendation of my readers) as the colour and shape didn't really suit me. That meant a total of 15 tops available to wear and 14 days had already passed - dear reader, I could have a problem in week 3!

Day 1
Day 2
You may think that you recognise the outfit I wore on day 1, as it is similar to one I wore in week 1.The differences are that I'm wearing a coral and gold necklace instead of the red patterned scarf plus navy moccasins instead of black lace-ups. Same top and bottoms, but the outfit is different, so I'm ok. On day 2 I wore the blue camisole again, partly because this top has a low neckline and also as an extra layer. The bottom of the top is ruched, however I think it would have been more flattering if I'd ruched it a bit more as my tummy seems to be highlighted! I've worn the grey trousers and blue camisole before but not the top.

Day 3 look 1
Day 3 look 2
Day 3 illustrates how to use a column of colour to look taller: I am wearing a navy tee and navy jeans, with a red and blue cardigan over the top. For going out to meet a friend for coffee in the morning, I added a scarf, changing the look slightly.

Day 4 look 1
Day 4 look 2
Day 4 was again warm and sunny, so I wore one of my short-sleeved tops for its second outing of the month. Last time I wore it with brown trousers, so this time I wore it with my sand trousers. Going out for coffee in town I needed a second layer, so decided to wear my sand cardigan.

Day 5 - senderismo (hiking)

On day 5 we went out for the day with the "Centro Social de Personas Mayores" of Jumilla. I prefer the Spanish version to the English translation of "Social Centre for the Elderly!" We started out just before 9 in the morning and went for a 11km hike after which we enjoyed a long lunch at Jacoba and Fulgencio's house in the countryside. This wasn't really a cheat day as I wore a short-sleeved top from my capsule wardrobe, last seen on day 5 last week, with trousers that I only wear for hiking, plus a lightweight walking jacket. Although you are restricted to 33 items of clothing in Project 333, you don't have to include sportswear or nightwear. No doubt you will be relieved to hear that I don't intend resorting to nightwear during this challenge!

Day 6 - out for lunch
& dancing
Day 7
Luckily I had a wild card to use one day this week. I only have 32 items of clothing in my wardrobe - and we had an event to attend during week 3 - so I was able to add in a dress to make my total of 33. I probably won't wear this dress again during the challenge, but I enjoy dressing up occasionally even though my style recipe is colourful casual chic and my lifestyle is really casual. Day 6 was the day I used my wild card and then I reverted to my usual style on day 7.

One more week to go and I need to plan very carefully for my final week to ensure I don't repeat any outfits. My favourite outfit this week has to be the one I wore for going out on day 6. Apart from that I liked my outfits on days 3 and 4. Do you agree?

PS Apologies for technical problems in this post. I couldn't persuade the last two photos to appear side by side!


  1. Lovely and this is getting harder isn't it? I'm not doing project 333 so mine is a bit easier but I do have a small wardrobe. I agree with the outfits you like and also like Day 7's casual look. Browns, sand and that color of red in Day 3 are all stunning on you.

    1. You're quite right Juhli, it's definitely getting harder. The red cardigan that I'm wearing in Day 3 was bought in a Mango outlet shop in Barcelona, which I found by chance. It's perfect for cooler days as it's warm but light, with the additional bonus of not being too long so I can wear it under all my jackets.

  2. It's been fun voting on your outfits! For this group my favorites are 4, 6, and 7. Your dress is so cute! I've come to realize that I like you better in lighter /warm bottoms. The navy and grey weigh you down; the lighter tan and brown give you warm softness. Love the 4 and 7 tops. Those colors look wonderful next to your face. I dislike the navy stripes the most. Even though navy is supposed to be a neutral, I find it too cool for your complexion.

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying the voting process! Tops 4 and 7 are both from Kettlewell by the way. I have bought several items from their website since first discovering them and I like the wide choice of colours. I moved to navy and grey once I realised that black was too harsh for me, however I'm now gradually moving to warmer colours. I can't afford to replace all the "wrong" colours in one go! It's really helpful receiving everyone's comments and my wardrobe is definitely evolving as a result of them.

  3. You are the reason dresses were invented Sue - I've never seen you in a dress that didn't look amazing:-)

    1. Thank you so much Mette. I have started wearing dresses a bit more since receiving lovely compliments such as yours, though being vertically challenged makes it difficult to find ones that fit. Don't tell anyone, but I've bought a few from ranges aimed at younger women, who wear them really short. On me, the length is often just right. ;-)

  4. Love your outfits this week! I appreciate the reminder about creating columns of color, as doing so works for me, too.

    You and I share a figure challenge (I call mine the buddha belly). So it helps me to see your lovely outfit pics, because it helps me to gain some perspective. It's a challenge, not the bane of my existence! ;)

    By the way, I particularly like your day 4 outfit, the 2nd one. That look is becoming a kind of style uniform for me.

    Have a great week!


    1. Thanks, Jeanine. I like the idea of a buddha belly - another writer referred to hers as the alien! I bought the long cardigan after Maria of Looking Stylish included it in my wardrobe capsule and I really love wearing it. I'm thinking of looking for something similar but in a different colour.

  5. I made my decisions before reading your thoughts, Sue, and again, I agreed with you!

    love how your colours and style is all coming together...

    1. They do say that great minds think alike - it's obviously true! I'm gradually learning what colours and styles flatter me the most.