Saturday, 14 November 2015

A sad day for Paris

Like the many people who have commented on social media, I was saddened when I heard about the devastating attacks in Paris yesterday. It's a city that I love and which I've been lucky enough to visit several times. It's a city where I have always felt safe and happy.

I celebrated my 65th birthday with members of my family in a Parisian restaurant and I will be returning to Paris as part of my 70th birthday celebrations in two years' time. Maybe this is why I was particularly upset when I watched the news unfolding yesterday, as somehow it seemed so close to home.

Many bloggers write about Parisian women and their sense of style, however there is much more to them than that. I would like to pay tribute to their bravery, solidarity and defiance. I have read how Parisians queued up at hospitals to donate blood. I have also read how many Parisians offered to open up their homes to provide shelter: they used the #porteouverte on Twitter to do so. Today, many of them determined to carry on with their normal routines. Cora, a resident of Paris, was quoted as saying "I'm not scared to go out in this area now, because you can't just stay at home as this would mean to give in to fear." Bravo, Cora.

You may be interested in showing solidarity not only to the people of Paris, but also to the citizens of Beirut and around the world. If so,please click on the link below. Nous Sommes Unis.

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