Friday, 25 July 2014

Project 333. Summer 33

I'm afraid I've been rather distracted recently, writing several posts about creating a wardrobe from scratch, plus a few more about Fashion Feng Shui, so this is a long overdue article about my Summer 33.

For anyone new to Project 333, the basic idea is to create a wardrobe of 33 items of clothing to cover the next three months. Strictly speaking your 33 items should include accessories, shoes and outer clothing as well as your basic items of clothing, however I still bend the rules and exclude all my scarves, jewellery, handbags and shoes, though as I gradually cut down on my clothes I may add in other categories.

I used Polyvore to create the picture above, so not all of these items are exactly the same as the ones in my wardrobe. The first jacket clearly is as it's an actual photo of my Mango jacket, but most of the other items are the closest I could find on the Polyvore website. The skirt, top and cardigan in the following picture are also identical to mine as I downloaded the photos from the Kettlewell website where I'd purchased them.

I probably won't wear the jackets until September, when I am planning to visit my family in London, as it is now very hot here in Spain. Even the navy cardigan shown in the top picture and the light grey cascade cardigan below are only being worn when we're out late at night and there's a bit of a breeze.

Most days I wear one of the five pairs of trousers that I have included, as they are ideal for summer: four pairs are linen and the other pair is made of cotton. With a dozen lightweight tops, most of which can be worn with any of the bottoms, I can ring the changes over the next three months and not become bored with my choices. The skirts and dress are mainly worn for dressier occasions such as lunch out with friends or meetings in the town hall (don't ask!). As a Natural Gamine, my personal style is very casual.

After I created my summer 33, I realised that my main accent colours were pink and blue, with a couple of red tops and one green one. My neutrals are mainly navy and grey, with one black top and pair of trousers, a black and white striped top, white cropped trousers and a stone linen pair that is lighter than the pair shown.

You may have spotted that I have only shown 27 items of clothing. I also have a pair of smart navy trousers and two dresses in the wardrobe for evenings out, though they aren't pictured here. As this is a total of just 30, it allows me to include the three shoulder bags that I have been using on a regular basis in my summer 33, so I am gradually improving. Aren't you impressed?!


  1. I like the concept, but the reality is difficult for me. Like you, I live in a warm climate (hot and muggy, really) so I need to change tops often once a day at least. Plus I travel to the UK and need cool-weather clothing. Layering tropical clothing doesn't often work. I'm trying to build a more smart-casual capsule too because of my volunteer work. I'm realizing I need to look a little more pulled-together than retiree-tropical-casual.

    Even so, I don't have an overflowing closet, so I guess I'm not doing too badly. I don't switch out handbags often though. I have too much "stuff" to manage that!