Saturday, 12 July 2014

Creating from scratch - The Philosopher

Having introduced you to the concept of building a capsule wardrobe from scratch, hopefully incorporating some existing pieces, I thought it might be fun to extend this to a Feng Shui wardrobe. After all, the idea of having a capsule wardrobe is to include clothes that suit you, that you love wearing and that also capture the essence of you. This is what Fashion Feng Shui is all about.

I decided to start with The Philosopher, which is the Water element, and so (not surprisingly) flowing, asymmetrical dark clothes form the basis of this wardrobe.

The Philosopher likes creative touches so, if this resonates with you, you should add accessories that express your individuality. A word of warning if, like me, you are short and not exactly slim: if you are wearing wide legged trousers or a flowing skirt, combining it with a baggy top isn't the most flattering look! Either include a slightly fitted top or add some straight leg trousers or perhaps a slim asymmetrical skirt to wear with more flowing tops. If you are tall and slender of course you can ignore these limitations!

Physically, Philosophers tend to have very dark hair, skin or eyes and are pear-shaped, so you might want to wear lighter colours on your top half to balance things out.  If you're not a Philosopher but wish to enhance your creativity, you can use some of Water's dark colours, artistic or unique accessories, or maybe an asymmetric top to do so.

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