Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Creating from scratch - The Pioneer

I am continuing with the idea of creating a capsule wardrobe from scratch, as inspired by The Vivienne Files, but combining this with your Fashion Feng Shui type to build a wardrobe that is consistent with your personal style. I now turn to The Pioneer or Wood type in Fashion Feng Shui. The Pioneer enjoys sporty, comfortable clothes, with the emphasis on blues, greens and florals.

If like me you have retired, you shouldn't have any problems with this wardrobe, however if you work in a formal workplace you may need to adapt the wardrobe to suit your work environment, although obviously it will be ideal for your leisure time!

If you click on the link above to The Vivienne Files, you will see that the first item that Janice selected was a pair of trousers, which definitely suits Pioneers, and I've included three pairs in this capsule. I have similar pairs in my own wardrobe and no doubt you have too. I must admit that I tend to buy striped tops rather than florals, partly because of my fear of appearing like a little old lady, though I do have several floral scarves. (Hopefully my children won't read this post and comment: "But you are a little old lady!")

Pioneers usually have cool colouring, often with blue or green eyes, and a rectangular shaped body. They enjoy casual or sporty clothing, with details such as zips and hoods plus sporty accessories. Pioneers look their best in slim trousers and jeans, with vertical lines and little waist definition.

Even if you're not a Pioneer, you may wish to include some Wood elements such as a floral scarf, a blue top or green accessories when you want to be more competitive or you need to take action to achieve something.

For more information about Pioneers, go to my original post: Fashion Feng Shui: The Pioneer


  1. I'm not sure about this whole feng shui fashion. The pioneer describes me very well except for zips and hoods--too much "stuff" for me. But no waist, cool, rectangle. Casual or sporty clothes? I started to say not me and then I laughed because I always stop in the sporting goods stores and think, I would love to live in tennis skirts and work-out clothes. Except I don't want to go out in them. My personality is Pioneer plus big chunks of some of the others. So I dunno--I'm of mixed opinions because I'm a mix of elements, I guess.

  2. Robin, I think the trick is to adapt the look to suit your own style and personality. You might find that the colour scheme flatters you for example. plus you enjoy wearing slim trousers and a waist skimming top to create an overall casual look. Maybe wear a slim linen-mix skirt instead, if you want a smarter outfit? As you know, I enjoy wearing accessories and that can also help to create a more finished look.

    I'm not one for hoodies either, though I like casual jackets with zips. My take on dressing as a Pioneer is: using blue and green as accent colours; avoiding tight-fitting clothes (though also avoiding baggy tops!); wearing trousers most of the time; also wearing comfortable shoes. At the moment I am wearing a royal blue top with white linen cropped trousers and a pair of white sandals that are great for walking in!

  3. Hi Sue, will you be doing a starting from scratch, peacemaker? I am now settled in my new home, 2 dress sizes smaller than before and ready to start building my new look. I find your posts really interesting but trying to pull it altogether is proving a challenge for me. For many years I have had a wardrobe full of fashion mistakes and have decided listening to someone else may actually be a good place to start.

    I can't go for the 33 items thing, that really would be a step too far but I am interested in being a little more adventurous without getting it too wrong. And, although my mind says I'm still mid- twenties, my body is definitely disagreeing, so comfort and practicality often over-rides impulse... maybe a little too often.

    So, I wait for the relevant instalment and will let you know how I get on.

  4. Hi Jacqui

    Your wish is my command! My next post will be for the Peacemaker. Bear in mind that the idea is to encourage you to explore what looks really good on you as well as suiting your personality, so the capsule I show may not be exactly right for you. Hopefully it will give you some ideas though.