Thursday, 8 May 2014

Fashion Feng Shui: the Pleasure Seeker

If you've read my previous posts, you will have realised by now that Feng Shui Fashion isn't just about your physical appearance, though obviously that is very important, but also includes your essence and your intention.  If you have been told that you are charismatic, you enjoy being with friends and value personal connections, then even if you have the colouring of a Philosopher you may essentially be a Pleasure Seeker.

What does the Pleasure Seeker look like? Being a Fire elemental type, not surprisingly they tend to have red hair, red tones to their skin, pointed features and sparkling red-brown or violet-blue eyes. They are an inverted triangle in shape, with a larger size top than bottom, and enjoy wearing dramatic style clothing.

The Pleasure Seekers, as their name suggests, like to have a good time and will describe activities that they enjoy as "fun". They love dancing, socialising, entertaining, performing and truly are the life and soul of any good party. Many Pleasure Seekers are actors, DJs, agents, entertainers and MCs.  If you want to be noticed, or have more excitement in your life, then add some Fire elements to your outfits.

Fire elements, as you can see from the picture above, include bright colours especially reds, animal prints, body conscious silhouettes, v-necks and short, slim skirts.  Pleasure Seekers like to wear silk blouses, satin gowns, stiletto heels, leather jackets, skin tight jeans and animal print scarves. You may also spot them in feathers, fur and sequins - though not necessarily at the same time!

When I want to add a touch of Fire to my outfits, I will add a red belt, animal print scarf  red bracelet or whatever will blend with the outfit that I am wearing.

If you haven't identified with any of the Fashion Feng Shui types shown so far, there are two more to come: the Peacemaker (Earth) and Perfectionist (Metal).