Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Fashion Feng Shui: the Philosopher

I will start with some guidelines to discover whether you are a Philosopher in appearance, but remember that there are two other aspects to consider in Feng Shui Fashion: your essence and your intention. Even if you don't look like a Philosopher, deep down you may feel like one and if so you may want to reflect some of that in the way you dress. Or perhaps you want to express your individuality, to feel tranquillity, or to reflect on how you can realise your goals.  Look to the Philosopher to help you with these intentions.

What are the physical features of the Philosopher or Water type? Water element bodies are usually tear-drop shaped or pear shaped, with large bones and dark skin tones. Their shoulders are narrower than their hips and thighs. They have high foreheads, very dark hair and dark eyes that are often shadowed and dreamy, giving them an exotic or mysterious appearance. Does this sound like you? If so, you may be a Philosopher.

Philosophers are sensitive, independent and they have to do their own thing. They enjoy solitude, value their freedom and like to travel. Many Philosophers are academics, writers, scientists, healers or artists.

What do Water type clothes look like? Not surprisingly they are fluid, sometimes asymmetric, and mainly dark colours.
Fabrics may be sheer or velvety and abstract patterns like paisley look good on Philosophers. They should wear lighter coloured semi-fitted tops with darker flowing skirts and trousers. Accessories will be artistic and unique, which fits in with their creative style personality.

The Philosopher supports you artistically, spiritually and intellectually. If you're not a water sign you can still choose one or two elements such as an asymmetric top or a fringed bag to help you with your intention or to reveal your creative side. Just make sure that they don't jar with your overall appearance and that they create balance.

Although I don't have a Water type body or skin tone, my hair is naturally very dark and I enjoy writing and the healing arts therefore I would like to bring some Water elements into the way I dress. I can do this by choosing black and other dark tones for shoes, handbags or outerwear, or by wearing unusual accessories.