Saturday, 10 May 2014

Fashion Feng Shui: the Peacemaker

The fourth Feng Shui element is Earth, which is representative of the Peacemaker. I suspect that a lot of women will identify with this Feng Shui fashion type, but is this because essentially they are Peacemakers or because they are playing the role that society expects of them? Peacemakers are caring, helpful and sympathetic. They are good at details and completing tasks, but not so keen on change. Practical, traditional and at their happiest when helping other people, many Peacemakers are nurses, therapists, politicians and (not surprisingly) mothers. They enjoy gardening, knitting, cooking and volunteering.

If you've read the above and it sounds just like you, it means that essentially you are a Peacemaker, but do you look like one? In general, Earth elemental types have golden or brown colouring with topaz, hazel or brown eyes, also soft, full features. They can be described as sturdy, having a short, full body-shape otherwise known as an "apple" and their style is classic. If you don't look like a Peacemaker however you are searching for stability and security in your life, or perhaps you want to appear more traditional, or your goals are family or community focussed, then consider adding some Earth elements to your outfits.

I don't think there is anything in this picture to upset anyone - after all, we are talking about the Peacemakers here! If you want to add some Earth elements to your wardrobe but aren't a Peacemaker, then you may want to consider the following options: a tweed blazer, a plaid shirt or khaki chinos are possibilities or, depending on your colouring, think about yellow, brown or earth tones for your clothing. You could also consider cropped jackets or square-toed shoes,or something as small as a square-faced watch or ceramic beads. Today I am wearing a square-faced watch to add an Earth element to my outfit, which means I am quite happy to do the cooking tonight!


  1. Hi Sue, when I read your initial post on Fashion Fen Shui I fitted the profile of the earth element: Peacemaker, and I am always thinking of others before myself so I was looking forward to reading this post. Having read it I now know my body shape is apple, and reading about eating right for my body type it fits me perfectly.

    I'm not sure my style of dress will necessarily change, but as I am at a new phase of my life where I am able to take total control of my cooking, it's a perfect time to focus on eating right for my body type, so thank you for an interesting series of posts and for the pointer to my correct body type.

  2. Hi Jacqui, thanks for your comments. I think the most important thing is to eat right for your body type. If you can also dress right for your Feng Shui type, that is just a bonus.