Monday, 12 May 2014

Fashion Feng Shui: the Perfectionist

The fifth and final Feng Shui element is Metal, which represents the Perfectionist. Many of us aspire to be elegant and spend a lot of time and money trying to achieve it, however it comes naturally to the Perfectionists, who have been born with inherent good taste. Perfectionists find success in careers where good organisational and management skills are essential, such as analysts, editors, curators, organisers and statesmen. They enjoy upmarket refined places so you will find them in museums, concert halls, mansions and country clubs. Perfectionists, as you might guess, prefer quality over quantity.

Perfectionists have very light hair, eyes and skin, delicate features and hourglass bodies. They like wearing pale colours, polished textures and luxurious fabrics: you can expect to find cashmere, silk and designer accessories in their wardrobes.

If any Perfectionists are reading this post, I'm sure they will pick me up for the outfits shown above and declare that they are far from perfect! Apologies, as a Pioneer with Philosopher leanings, I know that I'm far from being a Perfectionist. I do have a lovely cashmere cardigan (though in the Wood's shade of green), so perhaps I need to wear it more often?

If you value quality and excellence, enjoy organising and have a cultivated spirit, then you're a Perfectionist in essence, even if you don't look like one. Similarly if you want more order or refinement in your life, or you have cultural goals, or you just want to look elegant, then add some Metal elements to your wardrobe.

Perfectionists wear perfectly fitted clothes, monochromatic outfits, either little or no pattern (polka dots, brocades or lace are best) and status or designer accessories. Other Metal element fashions include cashmere twin sets, polished or shimmering textures (such as the gold lamé dress above), pale colours such as white, powder pink and silver, a status gold watch, round-toed pumps and gemstone or metal jewellery.

As I've already admitted, I'm not a Perfectionist - and I don't have the necessary funds in my bank account to be one. If I need to add some Metal elements (apart from my cashmere cardigan), it will probably be with a pair of round-toed pumps, my (non-status!) gold watch or maybe some metallic jewellery.

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