Monday, 13 May 2013

Capsule travel wardrobe: green to go!

I'm still looking for the perfect capsule travel wardrobe for my forthcoming trip to the UK. The only limitation is that it must come from the contents of my wardrobe, which obviously is a bit limiting in itself!  I'm also thinking of creating a virtual travel wardrobe on Polyvere, choosing items that I would buy if money was no object - there's no harm in dreaming, is there? Being practical though, the only clothes that I will be packing for my holiday are ones that I already possess, such as the clothes shown below.

This time I have picked mainly navy items for my basics, with green to give a pop of colour.


In case the colours don't show up well on your monitor, I would like to assure you that the dark shades are all navy and not black, having banished black from my wardrobe!  If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I am going to a wedding at the beginning of my holiday, so I will have a white jacket, a smart dress and pair of heels in my suitcase in addition to the above clothes. I will also have an umbrella in my carry-on bag, as we are going to Scotland for a few days and rain isn't unknown there, even in June!


  1. Sue, you need to be prepared for all weathers. Apparently, the jet stream that caused all the wet weather last year is back... who knows when/if summer will happen this year.

  2. Jacqui, I won't be packing away my winter clothes until after I've been on this holiday! I'll check the forecast just before packing but, even if it looks promising, I will have at least one pair of jeans, a couple of sweaters and cardigans, my trench-coat and an umbrella with me! I hope for your sake, and my family's, that you do have a summer this year!

  3. I know it violates the "rules" of a capsule but you could do mainly peaches and cream with a little green thrown in since the green will coordinate well with both peaches and cream and the navy. I really like the P&C on you. But the green is a very close second.

  4. Robin, I have totally broken the rules with my next post: packing a rainbow! I like your idea though of adding a little green to my peaches and cream, as it will give me a bit more variety while still coordinating well. Thanks for the suggestion!