Monday, 20 May 2013

A practical capsule travel wardrobe

If I was being totally practical, and choosing a completely versatile travel wardrobe like all good fashion bloggers do, this is the capsule that would be packed in my suitcase next month. Looking at the selection below I already own many similar items of clothing. I don't possess a little black dress, but I do own a navy polka dot dress that would easily fit in. By using navy and grey rather than black I could devise a capsule very much like this one.

Holiday wardrobe - traditional neutrals

What are the key pieces if you want to build a practical capsule wardrobe?

1. The white blouse. Please note that it doesn't have to be stark white if that doesn't suit you. If either cream or off-white looks better on you, choose that instead.

2. Classic neutral jacket. Many fashionistas would insist on black, which no doubt would be a Frenchwoman's first choice, but the majority of over 60s would be wise to choose navy or whatever neutral flatters them the most. It goes without saying that the jacket should go well with the skirts and trousers in the capsule.

3. Flattering classic trousers and skirts. I have chosen a pair of denims, two pairs of smart trousers that can be worn either in the daytime or at night plus a skirt. You may prefer one pair of trousers and more skirts, or just skirts: select whatever suits your personal style.

4. A little black dress. What else?! However I would advise over 60s to choose a more flattering neutral shade such as navy or dark brown.

5. A selection of sleeveless or short-sleeved tops. The ones shown are black, white (look closely at the screen!) and grey, but I would recommend navy, dark brown or your own favourite neutrals.

6. A sleeveless or short-sleeved dressy top. To make this capsule marginally more interesting I have included a polka dot top, as polka dots seldom look dated.

7. A long-sleeved top. This one is in stripes, which never seem to go out of fashion. I'm wearing a similar one today!

8. Classic footwear includes boots and ballet flats, as shown, or loafers and maybe a pair of evening shoes, if you are going to any dressy events.

9. Accessories. I like scarves, necklaces and bracelets, but those of you with pierced ears will no doubt opt for earrings. This is where you can brighten up an otherwise neutral wardrobe.

There you have it: most fashion bloggers and fashion writers would approve of my choice and you have to admit that it would prove versatile. My next post will show a totally different travel capsule for those of you who find this one a bit too bland and - dare I say it? - boring.

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