Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Capsule travel wardrobe: packing a rainbow

The sensible side of me - the fashion blogger who is inspired by countless other fashion bloggers, all of whom recommend packing a coordinated, versatile travel wardrobe - is taking a break today. The slightly rebellious fun-loving side of me has decided to look at one final capsule travel wardrobe option.

"Don't worry about making sure everything matches perfectly," she is saying. "You're going on holiday, so just pack what you love wearing and have a ball!" She has based her choices on the colours of the rainbow, though she isn't totally crazy so she will pack one or two basic colours too. This is her selection, and I have to say that it's tempting me.

Although the sensible side of me insisted on the navy trench-coat being included in this capsule (as well as an umbrella, of course!), you can see that four brightly coloured scarves have been added to liven it up. I will also have a white jacket, smart dress and pair of heels in my suitcase for the wedding,: these will be useful if we go somewhere smart while we are on holiday.

I am sure that most fashion bloggers would throw up their hands in horror at these rainbow hues being allowed into a travel capsule. I don't think I have spotted any other travel capsules containing more than a couple of bright colours, but this isn't a business trip I'm going on, it's a holiday. What do you think? Should I let my fun side take over?


  1. Hurrah for the fun side!

  2. My issue is space since we prefer to travel with a carry-on each. If you have the luxury of being able to pack a little less light, I envy you! Sure, we could and sometimes do pack a checked bag but inevitably we arrive shattered and our bag is last off the carousel. So a capsule is critical for me.

    The rainbow you depict, though, is almost a capsule, in that almost every top would work with everything except those pink jeans! I never pack or even wear jeans due to the weight and bulk.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Nancy and Robin.

    Robin, we usually travel with a carry-on each, however this time is an exception as we are going to a wedding and then spending several days in Scotland and also in London. I will be checking the forecast just before packing, but suspect I will pack one pair of jeans even if the weather looks promising, to make the most of the luxury of having a case in the hold, as Scotland is bound to feel cold after Spain! I will probably leave the pink jeans behind because, as you noticed, they are less versatile than navy denims.