Monday, 12 November 2012

My jewellery - NOT included in project 333!

I have noticed that the theme for today on several other fashion blogs is jewellery. It seems the ideal moment to confess to how many pieces of jewellery I possess that I deliberately excluded from my 33 items of clothing to wear over the next 3 months as part of Project 333.  I like to ring the changes with my jewellery so would have found it difficult to limit myself to just a couple of pieces.  I would probably have been ok if it had been 333 items for 3 months instead of only 33!

Most of my jewellery is costume jewellery and many items were presents from friends and family, who have noticed my tendency to wear several pieces of jewellery every day.  As I don't have pierced ears I don't wear earrings on a regular basis, but I have lots of different coloured necklaces, bracelets and rings to brighten up my wardrobe, with a few coloured watches as well.

If you have downsized your wardrobe as I am trying to do, having a good selection of jewellery helps you to create different looks and stops you being bored with your limited clothes.  It is also a good way to follow fashion trends and look up to date without spending too much money or risking looking like a fashion victim.

17 bracelets

8 rings and 8 watches

I make that a total of 25 necklaces
6 pairs of earrings and 6 brooches
Well there you have it - more than 33 items of jewellery, so how could I select just a couple of pieces?!  What would you choose if you were limited to one item in each category?  I haven't quite finished, as I live in Spain - so during the summer months there is one essential accessory that all señoras and señoritas need to carry...!


  1. I see the problem - they all look like they make lovely accessories. I guess I would just move each one that I wear to a permanent location and see what isn't worn over time.

  2. Juhli, that's a great idea! My hubby bought me a tin of chocolate biscuits in Paris, and the tin is absolutely gorgeous so I was planning to keep it now that the biscuits have been eaten. I can put all the jewellery in there and then, whenever I wear something, I will hang it on the mug holder that I currently use for my necklaces and bracelets.

  3. I think I would find that over a period of weeks I would see all the pieces moving from the biscuit tin to the mug holder as I'd always be rummaging in the tin for something not worn for a while. You have a great choice to brighten up your outfits. And what a great use for a lovely tin.

  4. Jaqui, I will probably end up doing the same as you! However it is a lovely tin so it is a great way to use it, as you say.