Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dare I broach the subject of brooches?

When I was younger I didn't wear brooches.  I think I looked upon them as an accessory for grannies, great aunts and other elderly ladies.  No doubt my husband would comment that the reason I now enjoy wearing brooches is because I am an elderly lady myself!  As sixty is the new forty, I still consider myself to be verging on middle age and definitely nowhere near being elderly. I just happen to appreciate brooches as I have become more discerning and stylish!

The selection above is used to brighten up and add interest to my coats and jackets.  My favourite brooch is the one on the top right-hand side, which was a Christmas present from my daughter Kate, and which is almost permanently attached to my winter coat.

My latest acquisition is still in the post, as I ordered it recently from the Royal British Legion's on line shop.
It is, of course, a poppy brooch: ideal to wear on a dull winter's day! I must say that I was rather taken with the poppy ring and pendant too - maybe next year?

I mentioned recently that hubby John had bought me a beautiful tin in Paris that I planned to fill with my jewellery.  He had chosen it for me as he knew I would love the picture and it was a bonus when the shopkeeper pointed out that it contained yummy chocolate biscuits!

Do you like wearing brooches?  If so, please tell us about your favourite brooch.  Go to Une Femme to see more lovely brooches.


  1. I love the poppy delicate and joyful! A wonderful discovery and I really like the tin from Paris! Enjoyed your post!

  2. Sue, thanks so much for linking up to Show Us The Brooches! You have a nice and varied collection here; nothing fusty about these.

  3. Pam, the poppy brooch has arrived and is now firmly attached to my navy trench coat!

    Merci, Une Femme. I have been inspired by your post to look for more brooches.....!

  4. I love brooches, or pins as I usually call them. I have to be careful as far as choice of clothing, to avoid snagging or creating a hole in the garment. Any tips on preventing those problems?

    Sue xo

  5. Sue, that is a very interesting question. I tend to be careful about what garments I attach brooches to. The black flower has a clip as well as a pin so that it can be worn in my hair, however that also means I can clip it to lapels instead of using the sharp pin. Another idea, depending on the type of brooch, is to use two small but powerful magnets. One will attach itself to the metal in your brooch and the other one will cling to the back on the other side of the material, depending on the thickness of your coat or jacket. If anyone else has any tips, please add them to this blog!

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