Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A fashion icon? Moi?

Sadly the answer is "Non"!  I was inspired by a recent post on "Not dressed as lamb" to show how my sense of style has evolved through the decades.  Catherine was a bit harsh on herself, I thought, when she said "It ain't pretty".  She is a lot more stylish now, but there are still some great photos on her blog, so do take a look. Below is my own selection, which in my case spans over 60 years!

I can't blame my mother for this outfit: Mum said that even when I was a toddler I only wore what I wanted to!

Photos in the sixties were still mainly black and white.  This is one of my favourite photos as I'm with my lovely brother Steve.  The dress was given to me by my Auntie Elizabeth: I always enjoyed visiting her as she was only 12 years older than me and passed on clothes that she was bored with!

Colour at last!  I loved this yellow trouser suit almost as much as I loved my shocking pink top and purple mini-skirt.  Sadly I don't have photos of the top and skirt to share with you. I was 19 or 20 in this photo, which was taken in Northern Ireland.

It's hard to be fashionable when you're expecting your second child, but kaftans and baggy dresses were fashionable in the early 70s, so not all of my clothes had to be bought in Mothercare!

Oh dear!  Was this outfit actually fashionable in the 80s?  Even if it was, it's not a good look on me. The colours are too stark and the baggy blouse and skirt aren't saved by the fact that I belted the top. I was in my thirties here and still didn't how to look stylish. Next!

Gold balloons, gold dress - yes, you've guessed it! - this was at my 50th birthday party in London.

With my sadly missed friend Beryl, enjoying ourselves at my 60th birthday party.  The theme was "bring on the bling", which hopefully explains the excessive jewellery!

My final photo was taken just before my 65th birthday this year and shows the outfit I wore in Paris on my birthday.  I'm not as slim as I was in my thirties and forties, but I think I have learnt to dress in more flattering outfits.  Do you feel that you look better as you get older?


  1. Fabulous photo history. One of the things I miss is that I have no photos of myself or my family for majority of my years. I have vivid memories of outfits I've had and loved over the years, but no photos to act as reminders. I love the one of you on the swings with your 1st child.

  2. Jaqui, I can picture the bright pink top (it was ribbed and it had a high neck, plus a short zip with a ring on the end that went down the front) and the purple skirt (short and with a matching belt and buckle). Although this was about 45 years ago - if I was artistic I could draw it for you! I can also remember a Polly Peck by Sybil Zelker dress that I bought in 1968 or 1969 - isn't it strange that I can remember the name of the designer too!

  3. Your hair is just gorgeous!!! I have tried several of you styles. Thanks for the tips.