Saturday, 10 November 2012

My 333 revisited

It may only be autumn, but winter seems to have well and truly arrived in our corner of Spain!  Lots of rain recently and a biting cold wind has meant that my short sleeved tops have now been banished - unless I have a cosy cashmere cardigan over them!  I recently visited London to see my family and friends, which also meant new additions to my wardrobe, as I took advantage of the opportunity to buy petite sizes there.

It is a month since I started Project 333 and the idea of having 33 items of clothing to wear over 3 months still seems like a good idea, as it means it is a lot quicker deciding what to wear in the morning!  I have now added my new purchases to the original 33 - which obviously means removing some older clothes - and thought I would share this with you.  What do you think?



As you can see, I am now wearing my autumn!winter wardrobe in earnest! I have added in my winter coat and new navy trench coat, plus a pair of grey winter boots.  Please note too the new green satchel for when I go to my Spanish classes, which also adds a bright touch to the navy trench coat.

I admit that I probably do not need four bags however, apart from my new purchase, I have an everyday grey bag that goes with nearly everything, but I prefer a smaller bag for evenings out, and I also like a rucksack for those occasions when we go on long walks.  Similarly I need boots for when the weather is particularly bad but prefer shoes for everyday wear and my ballerina flats are so comfortable indoors that they had to be included.

I have kept one short sleeved top and sleeveless top for layering under a cardigan or jacket. Observant readers (and those able to count) will say there are only 32 items above, and will wonder if I am counting my trouser suit as two items to make up my 33.  The answer is no, because I have one more addition below.  I will explain more about that in another post!

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