Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Summer capsule wardrobe for Project 333

I have neglected posting about Project 333 in recent months so - without further ado - here is my summer capsule wardrobe of 33 items of clothing to last me for the next 3 months. For anyone new to Project 333, you can find out more details by clicking on this link. Strictly speaking, the 33 items should include shoes and accessories, but I bend the rules and allow myself 33 items of clothing instead.

I'll do some of the maths for you. In the photos above there are seven pairs of trousers, two skirts plus eighteen short sleeved tops to create outfits for the day-time. Two pairs of trousers and one skirt are patterned, which means they can't be combined with every top, but if you multiply the six neutral bottoms by eighteen tops that still gives 108 different outfits, which is more than enough to wear over the next few months. I have included two long sleeved tops and two cardigans, which are for evenings only, as it is now very hot during the daytime.

Finally the two dresses: I have worn the first one for lunch with friends recently, and will wear it for dining out over the next few months, however the second one won't be worn until the last day of summer,  I have an important wedding on 30th September and the dress is being saved for that!


  1. Sue

    I haven't kept up with your blog and I should have! This selection looks so perfect for you.


  2. Welcome back Robin! I've missed you and am so pleased that you've returned! Glad to hear that you like my selection.