Thursday, 7 July 2016

30 Chic Days - days 22 to 25

I'm lagging behind Fiona, who has just posted Day 30 of her 30 Chic Days, and overlapping with Juhli, who has managed to post days 20-24 already, as well as working hard decorating her home to make it as chic as possible. They definitely put me to shame when it comes to the 30 Chic Days challenge! My only excuses are the hot weather in Spain that slows me down somewhat and too many social activities.

Day 22 (Saturday)

Outfit day 22 (daytime)
Outfit day 22 (evening)

On Saturday morning we met our Spanish friend Juana and her daughter Marta for coffee. We were helping Marta with her English pronunciation, as she had a presentation to give in English this week. Lunch was omelette with smoked salmon, followed by fresh apricots, which we had a bit later than usual, as we weren't sure when we'd be eating in the evening.

Our Saturday night dinner was tapas and wine in our nearest bodega. During the summer months there are concerts in many of the local wineries, so we had bought tickets for the concert in Bodegas San Isidro, which is literally just down the road from our house. We have tickets for two more events, later in the month. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday evening than a concert in a bodega, with good wine, tasty food and great company.

Day 23 (Sunday)

Outfit - day 23
We met our friend Charlie for coffee, which extended into having tapas with a glass of wine as so often happens in Spain. Dinner was baked hake with roasted vegetables. In between all the food and drink we managed to take our dog Lisa for a longish walk. We try to keep in the shade as much as possible, partly because Lisa prefers to walk in the shade and partly because I avoid the sun too, being fair-skinned and freckled.

Day 24 (Monday)

Dinner was stir fried prawns, adding the rest of the vegetables from Sunday's meal. Being more aware of what I'm eating, including the size of the portions, has meant I'm less likely to serve myself a second helping just to finish things off. There's nothing wrong with left overs is there? It's certainly better than over eating. Lunch on Monday and Tuesday was hummus with pitta bread, followed by kiwi fruit. Breakfast has been the same every day so far: a mix of yoghurt, oats, nuts, lemon juice and honey, Click on the following link if you want to read Fiona's post about French Girl Portion Sizes.

Day 25 (Tuesday)

Dinner was tuna burger with a mixture of fresh vegetables. I know I've been saying that we should avoid ready meals, but the fish burgers and beef burgers from the local shop are tasty and fairly healthy, so I think once a week is acceptable until I find some easy recipes to replace fast foods. I think it has been helpful to focus on my food choices and I will definitely be looking for some healthier (but still tasty!) recipes over the next few months.

Thinking about how I move has also been useful. I have enrolled for the Tai Chi classes that will be starting again in September, as I'm aware of the need to improve my balance. I have added some daily balance exercises to my routine, as well as using a fitbit to log my steps. The latest weekly total was 78,338, giving a daily average of 11,191 steps. 

Using a fitbit has proved a good incentive for me to keep fit. I can check the daily total and, if it's a bit 
low, our dog gets a bonus walk!


  1. Sue, you're such a 30 Chic Days trooper and I love all your outfits, especially your evening outfit near the top of the post. Don't worry if others have finished their 30 Chic Days, there is no deadline and it's not a race. You could make it last thirty months doing one a month if you wanted to :)

    It's meant to be fun and enjoyable, not stressful. Ditto with meals. There's no chic rulebook that says everything has to be made from scratch. If you find ready meals that are healthy and easy and you enjoy them, I say go for it!

  2. Fiona, thank you so much for your encouraging words. I particularly love the top I'm wearing in my evening outfit for holidays, as it's lightweight and doesn't crease! I loved so many of the ideas in your 30 Chic Days posts and will definitely incorporate them into my lifestyle.