Sunday, 10 July 2016

30 Chic Days - days 26, 27 and 28

Fiona has already finished her 30 Chic Days and Juhli is almost there, so I need to get a move on!

Day 26 (Wednesday)

Outfit - day 26

Day 27 (Thursday)
Outfit - day 27

Day 28 (Friday)
Outfit - day 28
If you've read the post about my Summer capsule of 33 items of clothing, you may remember that I only have seven pairs of trousers and eighteen tops, plus two skirts, two dresses and a couple of cardigans. As my "uniform" consists of trousers and tops, inevitably that means that over the course of thirty days I will be wearing my trousers many times and wearing most tops on several occasions.As you can see above, I wore the same trousers on Wednesday and Friday this week, but with different tops.

I don't know how some women manage with a ten item wardrobe, especially in the heat. The good news about living in Spain is that I can hand wash clothes in the afternoon, put them outside, and bring them in dry at the end of the day! However I do like some variety in my outfits, and I don't want to be washing clothes every day, so I'm going to stick with my thirty three items wardrobe.

Talking about variety, it's been helpful to be aware of what I'm eating over the 30 days and to think about trying different meals. Lunch was pitta with hummus on a couple of days, but with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon in between. I made sure that dinner was different every day: salade ni├žoise on Wednesday, bulgar wheat with roasted vegetables on Thursday and fish (what else?) on Friday. Healthy eating is my main aim, which is fairly easy to achieve with the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables grown locally, however I also think it's good to try out new recipes to add some variety to our diet.

Movement over the course of the day is important, which is why I am using my fitbit to monitor my steps. I am also getting into the habit of using the stairs rather than the lift when going up to our second floor apartment. I'm not sure how impressed our dog Lisa is with the new routine!

In my final post I will include some of the lessons learnt over the course of my 30 Chic Days challenge. I'd also be interested in hearing your thoughts about how useful this series has been.

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