Monday, 28 October 2013

Who would believe it?

British readers will no doubt understand when I say that Marks & Spencer doesn't immediately spring to mind when you are planning to hit the high street for a fashionable outfit. Zara or Mango are the obvious shops to head for, or maybe H & M or Top Shop. M&S (as it is affectionately called by the Brits) tends to be avoided after many years when, quite frankly, it seemed to lose its way. You might go there to buy food or wine, or pop in for new underwear - always its strength - but a new dress, skirt or coat? You've got to be joking!

Imagine my surprise therefore when I opened the "Elle Fashion Book for Autumn/Winter 2013-2014", which came free with my copy of Spanish Elle magazine, to spot eight (yes,eight!) items of clothing from good old M&S in its pages! I was planning to identify some of the trends for the coming season to write about in this blog, so here they are - courtesy of Elle magazine - and all of them are available from Marks and Spencer.

1. Hits Mini & Midi, inspired by the 50s
Marks and Spencer Collection
It looks as if animal print is here to stay, so you may be lucky enough to already have something similar to the skirt above in your wardrobe. Elle also showed a floral lace skirt from M&S, which no doubt will prove popular for winter parties. Petite over 60s need to take care with Midi lengths, which can make us look frumpy, but minis may very well end up falling at exactly the right spot for us.

2.  Autumn garden trend

Marks and Spencer featured here as well, with two different floral dresses being selected. A word of warning to petite over 60s to take care with floral patterns, especially when it is a strong print like the dress below, which could easily overwhelm you.

There was also a photo of an animal print dress from M&S - quelle surprise! - emphasising the continuing popularity of this trend.

3.  Street style - winter coats

If you are looking for a new winter coat, Elle put the spotlight on three different styles at M&S: a pale blue coat in a masculine cut (two trends in one); a long grey fifties-style coat or the long belted coat shown below, which they describe as "código street" style.

It's lucky that I don't need a new winter coat, as long coats don't tend to flatter petites and pale colours don't suit me either.

Coincidentally, I had just ordered a new bra from Marks and Spencer and I was tempted into buying a new top as well, which you can see below. I chose the top because I liked it, not because it was trendy, however flicking through the fashion pages I noticed that grey is in fashion and so are pencil skirts, so I may wear it next time with my grey pencil skirt instead of my jeans. I believe that there's nothing wrong with wanting to look fashionable when you're over 60, so long as you remember that less is more and don't overdo the fashion trends. I definitely won't be wearing a bright floral top, animal print shoes and extra-large clutch with my pencil skirt!
Bought from a trendy store?


  1. Animal print shoes would be nice with a gray skirt, although I agree about skipping the bright florals. I really like the pairing you show with the pink short and the blue necklace.

    My SIL works at M&S so we always take at least a quick trip to see what's new when we visit her in London. Just hope she--and your family--didn't suffer and damage in the storm.

  2. Thanks, Robin. I might try out the animal print shoes - I just wanted to highlight the difference between being on trend and becoming a fashion victim!

    My family were ok luckily, so I hope that it was the same for your SIL.

    I worked for M&S many years ago, in the IT department at Head Office. The environment was a bit too corporate for me, though I had some lovely colleagues there. It was a relief when they made me redundant, as the salary was so good that I wouldn't have left otherwise, but the culture didn't really suit me!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Heather. I haven't worn pink for years, however I bought this top recently, plus a long-sleeved pink top for the colder weather that still hasn't quite arrived in Spain - and I also bought a raspberry top a couple of months ago. I think it is good to occasionally try different colours instead of always buying black, blue or whatever dominates your wardrobe - and sometimes you can find a colour that really suits you.