Thursday, 17 October 2013

My cool 33 for Autumn

My previous wardrobes of 33 items of clothing to cover 3 months, which I am doing as part of Project 333, have included a mix of cool and warm colours. For those of you who haven't read my earlier posts, the idea of Project 333 is to limit your wardrobe to 33 items for each season of 3 months. I have to confess that I have cheated a little bit as I only include items of clothing in my 33 and exclude accessories. If you click on the link above, you can read all about the Project.

After my recent trip to London (more later!) I have chosen most of my 33 items from the cooler colours in my wardrobe. This should be an interesting experiment, as some of my readers reckon that the lighter, warmer shades look better on me.

Most of the above items will see me through Autumn (or Fall for my American readers!) and will probably make the cut for my Winter 33. However it is still warm here in Spain, so there are a couple of sleeveless and short-sleeved tops in my Autumn 33. I have also included the linen trousers in the photo below, though once it becomes colder they will be replaced by something warmer as will a few of the tops.

Thirty three items of clothing may not seem a lot to some of you, however most of these pieces are versatile so I can mix and match them to create more outfits. I have included 21 tops and 6 bottoms. Apart from the pair of bright pink jeans, which was a self-indulgent purchase, the bottoms are neutral so will go with the majority of my tops. There is a jacket and three cardigans in my 33, which will give me even more permutations. Not to mention using accessories to change my look, like the scarf shown in my photo.  I think I have more than enough clothes here to stop me being bored over the next three months.  What do you think?


  1. I really like the greens, Sue. In winter your wardrobe is reduced a little as you have to allow for coats of different warmth. I have been very good this Autumn, I bought a new chunky cardigan and with your blog in mind, I have thrown my last year's cardy/coat out as I know it will not be worn. (Well, last year was it's 2nd year so it is definitely time to get rid!)

  2. Well done, Jacqui! I have a jacket to get rid of too, as I hardly wore it last year and I realise now that the colour isn't really flattering. I have included a winter coat and trench-coat in my 33 above, but I also have a thick winter jacket that will make an appearance once the weather becomes colder and which will replace a sleeveless top, I also have a couple of thicker jumpers to replace the other sleeveless or short-sleeved tops.

    Green was one of my favourite colours when I was younger, and is gradually creeping back into my wardrobe!

  3. My school uniform was bottle green and it put me off green for many years but I do now have a couple of pale green tops which I enjoy wearing.

  4. Funnily enough my school uniform was maroon, which actually suited me, however I never buy anything maroon, so I guess that subconsciously I have been avoiding it for years!

  5. Sue
    I like that on you, but I would like to see a side-by-side comparison with that warmer coral shirt. The scarf bugs me a little--my mind sees it as choking you. How would it work if you wore it a little looser so it mimicked the scoop of the shirt?

  6. Robin, I had to smile at the idea of my scarf choking me, but I can see what you mean! I think I may have been wearing it under a darker jacket so I wanted to make sure the lighter colours showed at the neck. Your idea is a good one for next time!

    I'm going to see how wearing these colours works out for me and will then post a few comparisons.