Saturday, 5 October 2013

Packing for London in October

My flight was booked a couple of months ago: I am going to London for 5 nights, so travelling hand luggage only won't be a problem. However today I had to make the final decision on what to pack and suddenly the doubts crept in. I'm leaving Spain during the day-time but I'll be reaching my final destination at night, so will I be warm enough?!

This is my travel outfit, and the good news is that I will be carrying my cream tote, which doesn't have to go inside my case as I'm flying with British Airways. It's worth paying slightly more money for the luxury of two items of hand luggage!

I may not have to wear the cropped cardigan until I reach Alicante airport, but it will provide an extra layer once I reach London Gatwick. I will also be carrying my trench-coat for putting on once we start disembarking from the plane, plus the gold scarf in the picture below to brighten up my outfit.

I will be wearing a pair of brown flats for travelling - after all, comfort is an important part of my style statement! The green shoes shown and the navy denims will be in my case, as will these tops:

I have packed a lightweight but very warm scarf, and I suspect that I may slip a pair of gloves into my bag at the last minute because, as well as liking comfort, I don't like to be cold. It's not the first time that I've flown back to London in October (two of my children have birthdays at the beginning of October, so I try and visit my family then) and it's usually a lot warmer in London than I expect. It's just the fact that temperatures in Spain are still around 30C and the forecast for London is more than ten degrees less.  Maybe next year I should travel with an empty case and buy some clothes on arrival, then I won't have any worries!


  1. I really like the orange cardigan. Good color for you (and I would love to find one in dark gray or plum for me!) The overall plan looks very versatile.

    I don't understand the idea of shopping when you get to a place. I have such a hard time finding clothes that my whole trip would be consumed with shopping. Plus I never seem able to get away to shop: we're either staying too far from the shops, on the go, or everything is closed for a holiday!

  2. Robin, you are of course quite right! Even going to London, where there are plenty of shops, I don't always find what I'm looking for. Last time I was after a pair of trousers and failed to find a pair that fit me properly. This time I bought some shoes, which seemed fine when I bought them, however after wearing them the following day I realised that they had rubbed my feet, so I had to buy some heel grips! I did buy a lovely top, which I wore for the flight back to Spain, however when I reached Murcia it became obvious that I needed something thinner as it was so hot!