Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Capsule wardrobe - take one.

This week I'm basing my outfits on the following colour palette, testing it out as a possible travel capsule wardrobe.

These are some of the items in my wardrobe that I will be using in this challenge.


There are seven tops, so in theory I could create 14 different outfits by wearing them with two different pairs of trousers. I can also use accessories to change the look, especially if I become bored with all the navy and blue - watch out for one of my red necklaces!

Outfit for day one
I liked this outfit on me, especially as I had created a column of colour, with the aim of making me look taller and slimmer. However the cardigan was a bit too long for the jacket that I planned to wear, so I had to change it for a shorter one. I've made a note that I need to consider this when creating a travel capsule, as I won't have a wardrobe full of alternatives with me!

Outfit for day two

This time I wore a navy cardigan and navy jeans to create the column of colour. My top was a lighter shade of blue, which gives me the value contrast that I need, and I wore a patterned blue scarf to bring the shades of blue together.

Outfit for day three
I had a couple of options for day three, however it was a warm day, so instead of a cardigan I decided on the waistcoat that I'm wearing in the above picture.

I'm not half way through the week of my first colour palette challenge, however I'm quietly confident that I can create enough different looks for it to work for me as a travel capsule. I'm wearing three different pairs of shoes, although I could have managed with two pairs. If I was using this as a travel capsule, a lot would depend on our itinerary and planned activities. I might include a smarter pair of shoes plus a dressy top, if we were going out for dinner in the evenings for example.

My next post will show the last four outfits from my capsule. I will sum up my thoughts on this challenge - and your comments of course will be very welcome!


  1. I love this - the colors, the garments and the way you've pulled it all together! Thanks for taking the time to share with us all!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments Janice. I was of course inspired by your own fabulous blog! Hugs. Sue