Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Travel capsule - part one

I don't know what happened to May, but I didn't manage a single post, so apologies to my regular readers. The title of this post may give you a clue why I failed you: I've been on holiday for most of the month!

My first holiday was a trip to London to attend the launch party for The Dulwich Diverter, a hyper-local newspaper founded by my son Mark and his fiancée Kate. It was also an opportunity to celebrate the recent engagement! I travelled hand luggage only - as you can see above, I didn't need many clothes as it was a six day trip - so I bought a bottle of champagne in duty-free at Alicante airport for the family celebrations.

As it was the beginning of May, and London isn't usually as warm as Spain, I packed a couple of pairs of jeans and carried my copper trench-coat as well as packing two cardigans, prepared for the cooler weather. Guess what? The weather was gorgeous and we even sat outside a couple of evenings, enjoying barbecues  Meanwhile, every time I spoke to my hubby on the phone, he complained about cold winds and rain back in Spain! Isn't there a saying, the sun shines on the righteous?

Although I had some colourful tops and cardigans in my travel capsule, my jeans, shoes, bag and trench-coat were neutral, so the capsule mixed and matched well. That is one lesson that I have learnt over the past few years of blogging and following other bloggers: include neutrals to make your travel capsule more versatile. No more panics on the last day of the holiday when I realise that my red top clashes with my pink jeans and all my other clothes are dirty!

If I had been going for a week or longer, I could easily have fitted in a couple more items, as I made a few purchases in London that I was able to fit into my case for the return flight. Next time though I will pack a skirt or lightweight trousers to allow for unexpected warm weather!

In my next post I will show you the travel capsule for my second holiday in May, accompanied by my husband John. I will also tell you about a new book that I read recently called "Travel Chic".


  1. Great to hear you have had wonderful holidays. I also like lots of colour but I too have recently learnt to wear that colour in tops or toppers but not bottoms (or other way around). Patterns also using this method. Go Neutrals! Lovely to see your green tops close up - beautiful fresh green and the flowers are gorgeous. Thanks for post. Carol S

  2. Thanks, Carol. That top is definitely my new favourite and - as you say - the colour and flowers are gorgeous.

  3. Hi Sue, I was happy to see your Blog arrive in my email. I've been enjoying your style journey and I particularly like the green top with blue flowers. May I ask where you purchased it?

    Sharon Canada

  4. Hi Sharon Thanks for your comments. That top is a brand called "White Stuff", which is stocked by John Lewis. I noticed that you can order from John Lewis in Canada and checked it out. The top is currently out of stock but you can get them to email you when it comes in again if you fancy buying it. I've actually bought a few things from "White Stuff" that I like, so plan to keep an eye on them! I don't know whether this link will work for you: Do let me know!