Monday, 20 June 2016

30 Chic Days - days 7 and 8

I'm taking part in the 30 Chic Days challenge, along with Juhli (there's a link to her blog under "My Blog List") and Fiona. Click on this link to Fiona's How to be Chic blog for more details.

Day Seven (Friday)
Outfit - day 7 
It must be summer as I'm carrying a summer bag in this photo! As you can see, I'm bringing pieces from my summer wardrobe out of hiding now that the forecast is for lots of sunshine and temperatures between 27 and 35 degrees celsius. The white cropped trousers in the following picture had their first outing of the year too.

You're probably bored with hearing about my yoghurt breakfast, so you can take it for read that I'll be having it every day unless I say otherwise. Lunch was pittas and hummus followed by fresh cherries with a dash of yoghurt on top. I made up a large salad for dinner, with the idea being that we would finish it for lunch on Saturday, so I didn't add any dressing to the salad leaves, feta type cheese, avocado and other ingredients in the hope that the leaves would still be crisp the following day. You can also take it for read that dinner will be accompanied by a glass of wine, with a piece of dark chocolate for afters. 

My focus was on making healthier choices. Note to self, making up a salad is as quick and easy as putting a pizza in the oven! I have decided to improve my balance by standing on each leg with my eyes closed for as long as possible every day and trying out similar exercises. I've never had a great sense of balance anyway and I gather it becomes worse as we age so it seems a sensible idea to start doing something about it now. I have also decided to make a conscious effort to sit up straighter - especially when using my PC - and not slouch. My total for the day was 9,999 steps - I know, just one step short!

Day Eight (Saturday)
Outfit - day 8 (daytime)
The reason I'm showing two outfits is that we were going out in the evening and I knew we would be outdoors, so I would need to wear warmer clothes than during the daytime. The colours in the top shown above are slightly brighter in real life than they appear here. It's a useful item to pack for holidays as I can wear accessories in colours such as turquoise or coral to go with it to change the look as well as bottoms in different neutrals

The outfit shown below doesn't tell the full story. We were going to a concert held in a bodega on Saturday night and the bodega is outside Jumilla about 5kms from our house. We had booked a taxi to bring us home but decided to walk there as it would still be daylight and we knew that it would be safe to do so. I wore trainers for the walk, changing into the navy loafers after we arrived.  I also carried a lime cardigan that matches the top and was very grateful for it once the sun went down!

Outfit - day 8 (evening)
We finished the salad for lunch - the leaves were still crisp - and had a bowl of cherries with yoghurt afterwards, knowing that there would be plenty of food (and wine!) provided by Bodegas Luzón: another good reason for deciding to walk there. I don't eat meat and don't like tomatoes, however I knew that there would be more than enough tapas for me to choose from. When we arrived we were given a glass of white wine, and there was a good selection of tapas including my favourite goats cheese and quince jelly ones. Hubby John is my official taster and told me that the tuna empanadas were tomato-free and tasty, so I had one of those as well.

The evening started with a tour of the winery, however we were excused this because the staff know we have visited it many times in the past - in fact the comment was made that we probably knew more about it that they did! After the tour everyone went outside for the concert and we grabbed a couple of chairs as we knew it would be a long evening. There was plenty of food and wine outside as well, so we definitely didn't go hungry.

Stolen Cover Band
The band played a mixture of hits from the past even going back to the 60s (anyone else remember "Black is Black"?), as well as several Spanish hits that we didn't recognise. The focus of the day was definitely on having fun! Our taxi arrived exactly at 23.30 as agreed, We could have stayed a bit later, however to be honest I couldn't have eaten any more and had enjoyed several glasses of wine by that stage, so it was good timing.

Guess what? I forgot to put my fitbit back on after getting changed! I knew that we had walked almost 5k and it had taken us 55 minutes to do so, therefore I added these figures into the fitbit programme, which calculated a daily total of 18,691 steps.  More than enough!


  1. Your evening out sounds like so much fun and I am impressed that you walked there.

  2. Juhli, it was a lovely evening for a walk and I was really glad that nobody stopped to offer us a lift! It was definitely a fun evening.