Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Neutrals for my capsule wardrobe: navy

Many of us have accumulated a lot of clothes over the years and some, like me, find it difficult to throw any of them away. Since I started doing Project 333, I have tried to work on a "one in, one out" basis.  I have also, from time to time, tried to be ruthless and have a good clear out. I'm getting there, albeit slowly!

The beauty of having a capsule wardrobe is that - in theory - everything in your wardrobe will go with everything else, enabling you to create lots of different outfits. When you make any new purchases, you should only do so if you are confident that they will go with several other items in your wardrobe. By having a well thought out, flexible capsule wardrobe, you should find that you don't get bored, even if there are fewer clothes in it, as creating new outfits will become easier.

As I already have a lot of navy items in my wardrobe, I can't afford to discard them all in favour of brown. Like most women I have a pair of navy jeans, plus a selection of navy tops and cardigans, a navy trench-coat and navy accessories. I have shown a few of them below, which will be in my autumn/winter wardrobe.

Maria was aware of this when she created my new wardrobe capsule so chose colours that would blend with navy as well as with my brown items of clothing. The following clothes are the ones that I hope to purchase in London, and I'm sure you will agree that they will look as good with the navy items above as with the brown items in my previous post.

Navy can be almost as harsh as black, so I will be wearing pops of colour to brighten it up, especially near the face. The scarf show below will be ideal, and fortunately I already have a good selection of scarves in all the colours of the rainbow.

Although I chose brown as my main neutral, I discovered that olive green also flatters me. Luckily olive will work with the other colours, so I can include it in my autumn/winter wardrobe. Coral and teal will also blend nicely with my navy clothes, adding to their flexibility.

Adding in the navy tops and my navy jeans means that I now have eleven tops and three bottoms in this capsule, which gives enough options to wear a different outfit each day of the month. Don't forget that, as it gets cooler, I may add another layer, which gives me even more variety - plus those all important accessories.

In my next post I will put it all together to create my Autumn 33. For those of you who are wondering about the references to Project 333 and Autumn 33, don't worry: I will explain it all in the following post.


  1. You are planning to add some very nice items! Overall a great fall wardrobe.

    1. Thanks, Juhli. I'm just hoping that all of the items will be in stock when I hit the shops in London next week!

  2. Yes sometimes it is important to work with what you have got. Jeans are ubiquitous and in most wardrobes as is navy. I was glad to hear you haven't given up on wearing lots of colour. I think that wearing what you love is important as well as wearing what suits you. Maria has suggested some lovely pieces for you - colourful, interesting and in your colour swatch. Hope all goes well in London. Carol S

  3. Love navy, so underrated. xx