Sunday, 4 October 2015

Neutrals for my capsule wardrobe: brown

Having looked critically at the photos in my last post, and having  asked for feedback (many thanks to all of you who left comments), the consensus is that brown is the most flattering neutral for building my capsule wardrobe. I already have a couple of brown tops and the pair of chocolate jeans shown below,  plus two pairs of brown shoes and a brown bag.

If you look back to my earlier posts it is obvious that I love colour, so will using brown for my basics limit me in any way? I don't think so, as I can use different colour accents for tops and accessories as shown in the following photos. I often receive compliments when I wear coral and teal is a universally flattering colour, so these are definitely going to be part of my autumn/winter wardrobe. I can wear them with navy basics too, which I will show in my next post.

I'm going to London in less than two weeks and have a shopping list, thanks to Maria of Looking Stylish. As I also have to fit in meeting friends and family (which obviously is more important than buying new clothes!) I have decided which items will be top of my list. I know that all of the items Maria has selected for me will blend well with both my brown basics and my navy ones, giving me a flexible capsule wardrobe.

As I'm a petite H-shape, outfits that make me look taller and slimmer not surprisingly tend to be my favourites. You can see a brown hoodie and brown trousers in the top photo, plus a sand cardigan and trousers in the photo just above on the left: both of these will help to create a column of colour, which has the desired effect. If it's too warm to wear a cardigan, I can wear a scarf or necklace to match my bottoms to create a similar illusion.

There are eight tops and two bottoms in my capsule. Simple multiplication shows that this will give me sixteen different outfits, however that is without counting cardigans and jackets, plus using accessories to ring the changes. 

Time permitting, I also hope to purchase the following accessories, which will help to complete my new capsule wardrobe.

Maria suggested a few more items of clothing that I hope to buy on-line if I run out of time - and money! - when I'm in London. I'm thinking that if I don't purchase them now, they would be ideal as Christmas presents to complete my capsule. I just have to hope that Santa is reading my blog. 


  1. Loving these combinations for you, Sue.

  2. Thanks, Robin. I'm looking forward to wearing them!