Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Evolve Your Style - part 2

Two recent trips to the UK - one planned and one unexpected - have meant that I'm a bit behind in the Evolve Your Style challenge.  If you've decided to join me in it, apologies for the delay. Here are the next 10 challenges, with a few photos of my own outfits to inspire you (or not!)

Day 15: Wear a hat.  Day 16: Wear an everyday outfit
Day 17: Wear complementary colours.  Day 18: Wear new eyeshadow colours or lipstick shade

Wear a hat

Wear an everyday outfit

I have to confess that the two photos above were cheating, as they weren't taken on the actual days that I did the challenge. The photo of my hat was taken in Madrid and the everyday outfit was from the final day of our holiday last month, The lack of photos was due to a technical problem (I'd left my camera in a friend's car!) however I made sure that I wore these outfits on the relevant days.

Day 19: Wear red.  Day 20: Stack on the rings.
Day 21: Jeans and a jacket.  Day 22; Wear flowers.

Jeans and a jacket
Wear flowers

Day 23: Style a skirt.  Day 24: Wear a feature belt.

Style a skirt

Wear a feature belt
I've had some very constructive criticism from the Evolve Your Style facebook group. One person commented that the skirt would have looked better if the top had been a bit shorter and I have to agree with her. Not everyone liked the pearls, especially with the belt I was wearing: some people thought they would look good with a plain belt whereas others liked the belt but thought a metallic necklace would have been better with it. This was the outfit I wore in London for a family night out, though I wore a gold watch instead of the black one, plus higher heels. Also I had to leave one accessory - the lovely Lisa - behind with my husband.

Now it's your turn for some constructive criticism on the above outfits!


  1. My eyes went right to the jeans and the belt photos. In both you look especially pulled together and chic. Not to say you don't look good in the others, but those two jumped right out at me. The jacket seems to form a nice frame for your face. Maybe it's the color or the shade of the belted dress but again, I see your face first.

  2. Thanks, Robin. It's interesting that you chose those two outfits, as they both have a bit of a pattern. Imogen from Inside Out Style posted a video (I think) where she said that freckled skin looks better with textured outfits - or words to that effect - as they mimic the look of the skin! Food for thought.