Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Evolve Your Style - final part

Have any of you joined in the Evolve Your Style challenge, either by joining the facebook group or by following via my blog? I've just finished and will miss the daily challenges, although Imogen has given us a sheet of additional ones to complete in our own time. I will certainly do them, if only to make getting dressed in the morning a bit more interesting!

Day 25: wear a gift (one you don't wear much).  Day 26: wear green.
Day 27: wear a print (not your favourite one though!)  Day 28: wear feature earrings.

Wearing green
I like the cardigan and the green top on me, however the Evolve Your Style group felt that the cardigan didn't look quite right over this particular top. They suggested either a navy cardigan or a different top under the grey cardigan.

Wearing a gift
This combination wasn't quite right either and some people thought the shirt wore me. Suggestions included wearing the shirt without the cardigan, using it over a plain tank-top as a jacket, wearing a more structured jacket or vest over the shirt. I'll have to try these out to see whether they work!

Day 29: wear a hero piece.  Day 30: wear two parts of a triad.
Day 31: wear neutrals.  Bonus day: wear something old and something new.

Wearing my hero piece - the jacket
Wearing two parts of a triad (purple and green)

Wear neutrals
I received some very positive comments on the last three outfits. The neutral outfit surprised me as I thought it lacked a touch of colour, but it was voted a winner just as it is. Maybe adding more neutrals to my wardrobe isn't such a bad idea after all!


  1. I guess my opinions run contrary to many, but don't like the "gift" shirt on you and don't think any of the other options would work any better. I do agree that it seems to wear you and think it would no matter what. But the gray cardigan over the green shirt works for me. I think I can see where other people are coming from, but I like the combination and the look. I expected it to break up the line and make you look choppy but it doesn't.

    I am with the majority who like the last three outfits. As much as I like the neutral on you, I am with you that color is a plus for you.

  2. Thanks, Robin. I can always rely on you to give your honest opinion! I'll wear the grey cardigan and green shirt again, especially now that it has your approval! Regarding the last outfit, I added a pink coloured bag to it when I left the house and it felt more like me.

  3. Sue

    A pink bag! Yes! And maybe change the necklace to something with a little pink in it. Or layer that one (which does go with the outfit) with a necklace with pink in it.

    (I have been told my honest opinions can be a little too honest!)


  4. Robin, I think it's time for me to go necklace shopping again! In fact we're going to an artisans' market on Sunday so I'll have a good look there.

    I'd rather have an honest opinion than someone saying "that looks lovely" when you know it doesn't!

  5. Sue

    Too late for today's shopping but I was reminded of these and think they'd look good on you.


  6. So many options out there: https://www.etsy.com/search?q=scarf+jewelry+slide&page=2

    Google scarf necklace too. I might try to wear a scarf more often!

    1. Robin, I'm spending far too much time googling scarf necklaces - and I'm blaming you! Hopefully you will make up for it by wearing scarves more often!