Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spring holiday capsule: singing the blues

Of course I may have become bored with pink by the time June arrives, so I thought I would look at other holiday capsule options for our late Spring holiday.  How about using blue? The jeans and one of the tops are navy by the way, as is the striped jacket, while the other pair of trousers is dark grey.

If you have cool colouring, blue can be a very flattering colour close to your face, especially once you are over 60. I have received many compliments recently when wearing some of my blue tops and in particular my new blue dress, which is shown below

The clothes shown above are the same or similar to ones that I have in my existing wardrobe - except for the blue and black shoes on the right.  My navy slip ons need replacing, so I am hoping to find another pair of shoes similar to the ones shown.

I will probably need to dress smartly for dinner on our holiday, so guess what I will be wearing in the evenings? I will pack my double strand pearl necklace too, plus a pair of (comfortable!) heels.

If June in northern Spain turns out to be hot, I will swap some sleeveless or short-sleeved tops for the long-sleeved ones and pack linen trousers instead of jeans.

Does this holiday capsule make you feel like singing the blues?


  1. Hi Sue, I've been having trouble posting so here I go again. Blue is my favourite colour. Some pinks make me look blotchy. Your blue dress reminds of the outfit at Chic at any Age. Would you wear slim pants under it if its is chilly.
    I can't believe it is snowing here again. UGH!!!!

  2. Hi Sharon. Successfully posted this time!

    Strangely enough, I miss the snow - it's easy to say though when you're not living with it. I have to admit that it's chilly here today and I've just added a navy cashmere jumper to my outfit. My DH isn't feeling the cold, otherwise I'd have suggested switching on the electric fire, which we seldom need to use until night time, even in winter.

    That's a good question about wearing pants/trousers under the dress. Being short, I don't think the combination suits me, though I think it looks good on the bloggers who do wear the two together. If it's chilly next time I wear the dress I might give it a try.