Sunday, 23 March 2014

Spring holiday capsule: in the pink

On Wednesday I revealed my Spring 33 - the 33 items of clothing that will (hopefully!) take me through the next 3 months without feeling the urge to buy new clothes. I do have one item in reserve though, which I am planning to be a pair of white jeans or white linen trousers and which will also form part of my Summer 33.

John and I have a holiday booked in June, which is going to be a luxury train journey in northern Spain (I can't wait!), so I thought it might be fun to work out a couple of possible travel capsules using my Spring 33. I hope that this will inspire you to look at your own wardrobe and see the potential you have to create various capsules.

I have used Polyvore to put together this capsule, so some of the items shown aren't exactly the same as mine, but I think it is close enough to illustrate how I can mix and match my existing clothes to make many different outfits.

You don't have to be a mathematical genius to see that with the five tops and two bottoms shown above, all of which will go with each other, I have ten possible outfits. By adding the jacket I can make any outfit look smarter, as well as creating more permutations, and with two different coloured scarves and bags I can ring the changes whenever I want.

As this is a luxury train trip, I suspect that my usual casual chic style that is based on smart trousers might not be enough for going out to dinner, even if I add a statement necklace and other jewellery. I have decided therefore to include a skirt, a pair of heels and a clutch bag for dining out.

Obviously I will need to check the weather forecast before actually packing for our holiday, however northern Spain is usually cooler than the region of Murcia where we live. If it looks as if the weather is going to be hotter than usual, I will of course pack lighter trousers and replace the long-sleeved top. I do have other options though, using different colours from my Spring 33, so my next post will look at an alternative holiday capsule.