Friday, 14 December 2012

An even more colourful life

Some more examples of clothes and accessories that I wear on my Personal Days as described in my previous post. I have tops in lots of different colours, so I will usually wear a top in the colour for a particular day, but as I said in my last post you could use underwear (it doesn't have to be on display!) or accessories. My favourite colours out of the selection below are blue, purple and coral.

Number 5 is blue and the key word is change.
Number 6 is indigo (navy blue) and the key word is responsibility.
Number 7 is purple/violet and the key word is faith.
Number 8 is beige/brown/pink and the key word is achievement.
Number 9 is all pastels and the key word is completion.
Number 11/2 is black/white or pearl grey and the key word is intuition.
Number 22/4 is coral/russet and the key word is greatness.

You can also wear gems and precious metals if your wardrobe is less colourful than mine!

On day 1 you should wear rubies,  moonstones on day 2, topaz on day 3, emerald or jade on day 4 and turquoise or aquamarine on day 5.  You have a wide choice on day 6: pearls, sapphire or lapis. Wear amethyst for day 7, diamonds on day 8, opal or gold on day 9, silver on day 11/2 and finally coral or copper on day 22/4.  Maybe I should start asking my husband for precious metals for my birthday and Christmas presents, to increase my options!

Here I am wearing blue on day 5
Navy: day 6
Purple: day 7
Brown/beige/pink: day 8
Pastels/gold: day 9
Black/white or grey: day 11/2
Coral: day 22/4

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