Saturday, 8 December 2012

A colourful life

Do the colours that we wear influence the way that we think and behave?  My favourite colour at work, when I knew I had a challenging day ahead of me or a difficult meeting, used to be red.  My colleagues would even comment on the fact: "Watch it!  Sue is wearing red today....!"

I recently read an interesting book by Louise Hay: "Colors & Numbers".  Louise uses numerology to calculate the Universal Year and your Personal Year number:. 2012 is #5 Universal Year (2+0+1+2=5) and 2013 will be #6 Universal Year.

My Personal Year number is 7, which I calculated by adding my birth month 9 (for September) and birth day 2 to the Universal Year: 9+2+5 = 16, 1+6=7. You add up all numbers until you reduce them to a single digit.  The next step is to add your personal year to the current month.  In my case, I added 7 to 12 for December = 19, then 1+9 = 10, 1+0 = 1.  That means my Personal Month number for December is 1.  Finally, you add the day of the month to your Personal Month number to arrive at your Personal Day number.  Today is 8th December, so my Personal Day number is 8+1=9.  Confused?  I hope not!

You may want to work out your own Personal Day numbers as described above, or just wear the colours you need to inspire you on a particular day.

Number 1 is red and the key word is beginnings.
Number 2 is orange and the key word is cooperate.
Number 3 is yellow and the key word is enjoyment.
Number 4 is green and the key word is practical.
Number 5 is blue and the key word is change.
Number 6 is indigo (navy blue) and the key word is responsibility.
Number 7 is purple/violet and the key word is faith.
Number 8 is beige/brown/pink and the key word is achievement.
Number 9 is all pastels and the key word is completion.

Having said that you reduce numbers to a single digit, there are two numbers where you have a choice: 11 can be 11 or 2, and 22 can be 22 or 4.

Number 11/2 is black/white or pearl grey and the key word is intuition.
Number 22/4 is coral/russet and the key word is greatness.

Most of us will have many if not all of these colours in our existing wardrobes.  It doesn't have to be a complete outfit: just a scarf, brooch or necklace in the colour will do.  Or even a pair of socks - I have a lovely red and white pair for Personal Day 1!

Here are some items from my wardrobe that I can wear on the first four days.

Red: day 1
Orange: day 2

Yellow: day 3
Green: day 4
I have a lot more red and green in my wardrobe than orange and yellow, but your favourite colours may be different.  Life would be boring if we all looked alike!  In my next post I will show you my choices for the other colours.

What about black, some of you may ask?  It can be worn on your Personal Day 11 with white, but Louise recommends wearing pearl grey or silver instead.  I must admit that I haven't totally banned black from my wardrobe as I have a very smart pencil skirt and pair of trousers that I still wear, plus a cosy black winter jacket that is ideal for the wintry weather we are experiencing right now. However I make sure that I wear them with bright tops and accessories.  If you always play safe and wear black, why not try adding a bit of colour into your life?

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