Sunday, 14 October 2018

Revisiting Fashion Feng Shui

Having gone through my Autumn colour swatch from Style Yourself Confident, and having discovered that I loved most of the 33 colours it contained, I realised that I would need to be sensible and choose just a few of them for my Autumn wardrobe. However, how was I going to decide which ones were my best colours? I decided to revisit Fashion Feng Shui to see if that would help.

Click on the link above if you want to find out more about the five Feng Shui types: it's a post I wrote four years ago, as well as posts describing each type. Most of us are a mix of the different types, both in the way we look and in our personalities. In my case I have the rectangular shape of a Wood type, with the hair and eye colours of a Water and the skin colour of a Metal. What about the essential me though? I'm mainly a sporty, casual Wood, but I do like the creative elements of Water and occasionally I can be a dramatic Fire!
Floral and stripes are typical Wood patterns

Wardrobe for a Wood

As you can see above, blue and green are ideal colours for a Wood. Dark colours suit Water types, whereas light colours are best for Metals. You won't be surprised to hear that red is a good colour for Fires! As for those Earth types, yellows and browns in particular suit them.

By revisiting Fashion Feng Shui, I am hoping that my evolving wardrobe will not only contain clothes in Autumn colours that go well with my personal colouring, but also clothes that reflect my authentic self and my intention, as described in Feng Shui terms. Parisian chic anybody? 😉

Neutrals will form the basis of my Autumn wardrobe and I've gone for dark chocolate brown, olive, camel, autumn grey and marine navy. I have several greens and blues in my palette, but I particularly like the lime green and jade green as well as turquoise, teal blue and dark periwinkle blue. Finally, I am adding in bright orange red and dark tomato red for when I fancy a bit of drama, plus oyster and gold for a more elegant look!

My intention is first to shop my wardrobe, as I know that I have lots of clothes in Autumnal colours already. I've reduced the 33 colours to the 14 given above, which may still be too many. I intend working on my Autumn 33 over the next few days, so watch this space to discover which items of clothing I select and which of the 14 colours make the final cut!

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