Tuesday, 28 August 2018

10x10 challenge - the outfits

The first five days weren't going to be too difficult, as all I had to do was select five different tops to go with my three pairs of trousers. However over the next five days I would need to repeat some of the tops and ensure that I wore them with different trousers, which is when I realised that patterns weren't necessarily a good idea. One to remember when packing for my next holiday!

Yes, I had two patterned trousers and two patterned tops in my ten  items, which definitely won't go together. My three plain tops though are more versatile.

A practical problem arose because of the hot and at times muggy weather, making me a bit sweaty over the ten day challenge (Sorry, too much information!). As I was at home and not on holiday, it was easy enough to wash my clothes when necessary during the ten days, however I cheated when I went out one evening to an event in Jumilla Castle and wore a different outfit that wasn't in my original selection.

I'm now planning an eleven day trip to the UK and to Slovenia.  That's definitely going to be challenging (though I've paid for a case in the hold on my flights) however I've learnt a few lessons from doing this challenge. I'll be packing more than ten items but I'll still be creating a capsule that will mix and match.


  1. Your outfits look good on you, Sue. Such a useful exercise to see what works and what might need tweaking! Look forward to a post about what you decided to pack for your holiday.

    1. Thanks Caryll. I'll definitely post on my return.

  2. I like patterned trousers if the pattern is subtle (this is new for me). But I NEED patterned or textured tops or I look blocky/frumpy. I have patterned skin (freckles and wrinkles) but smooth hair no matter how much I try to add texture and body. So learning from your challenge, I know I can wear textured or tonal patterned trousers. I made that term up--for me it means a blue on blue, for instance, medium on dark blue, that is subtle and doesn't compete with patterned tops.