Sunday, 12 November 2017

30 Pieces 30 Outfits Challenge summary

I had planned to post more outfits from the 30 Pieces 30 Outfits Challenge, however life got in the way - as it has a habit of doing! I had allowed for a short trip to the UK, but due to circumstances it became an extended trip. I have created a collage for the second week though, just to prove that I didn't give up on the idea.

It's interesting to look at different outfits and colours side by side, to decide which ones are the most flattering. My favourites are number two and number seven, mainly because I think the colours flatter me the most but also because I love turquoise and red. Which of these outfits do you think looks the best on me?

Even though the outfits shown above are totally different colour-wise, you can see that some trousers and accessories have been repeated, which obviously will happen during a 30 pieces 30 outfits challenge like this. The idea is to have tops that are versatile and will go with every pair of trousers. I did have a problem in London though, as I only took 3 pairs of trousers, and spilt olive oil on one pair! As the dry cleaners weren't sure whether they could remove the oil (I'm pleased to say that they could) and I had some social events that my jeans weren't really suitable for, I bought a new pair of trousers. I had already thought about buying trousers in the UK, as there is more choice for petites, but now I had the perfect excuse!

I'm writing this almost a month later and my wardrobe has dramatically changed because the weather is a lot colder. Time to put away my short-sleeved tops and lighter-weight tops and trousers, I think! I'm planning to continue with this idea of having a limited capsule, as it certainly makes life easier when you only have a certain number of tops and bottoms hanging in your wardrobe to choose from. It also encourages you to be more creative and try out different combinations. Whether the number will be 30, or maybe 33 as in Project 333, I haven't yet decided. Once I have created my winter capsule, I will let you know.


  1. I like 2, 3, 6 & 7. #2 is especially nice because of the 2 colors. It may be personal preference, but I like contrast, either value or color. #4 would be nice if you had a necklace that showed up better. But this I know... things show up IRL, that don't in a photo. I see people with less statement type necklaces that look really nice, but when I see me that way in a photo, it feels like I need more.

  2. I like 1, 2 and 5 because you have very soft coloring. The bright colors call too much attention to themselves, and not you.

  3. Thank you for your helpful comments, Carole and Jo. It looks as if number 2 is the definite winner!