Thursday, 3 August 2017

30 pieces, 30 days challenge

Regular readers will know how much I enjoy challenges, and the latest one that I'm taking part in is Wendy Mak's "30 pieces, 30 days challenge" during August. Yes, I know it's already 3rd August, but it's never too late to join in a good challenge. Trust me!

The idea behind this challenge is to choose 30 items of clothing, which will form a capsule wardrobe over the next 30 days. The good news is that you can use accessories to ring the changes. Why don't you give it a go? I'll let you continue into September if you wish - I'm generous like that!

In the past I've taken part in Project 333, where I've selected 33 items of clothing to last me for 3 months, so 30 items of clothing for only 30 days should be a doddle, shouldn't it?

I plan to post a few outfits on my blog, but to start with here is a selection of the tops and bottoms that will be part of my 30 day capsule.

Eighteen pieces of clothing so far, including a yellow jacket that is unlikely to be worn until the end of the month as it's so hot in Spain at the moment, even in the evenings. I plan to take it with me though when we travel to Paris and then London at the end of the month. More of that later!

In case you haven't already guessed, I haven't made a final decision on what other items to include in my capsule. There will probably be at least 2 dresses (because I wore a dress yesterday and although I might bend the rules I don't cheat!), and one more jacket, which will leave me with 9 more items that can be added to the capsule. Hopefully, all will be revealed tomorrow!


  1. Seeing these photos just made me think back to the colors and styles you used to wear that were so different. These look like lovely choices. Is the yellow jacket new?

  2. Thanks, Juhli. You've certainly been with me for a while now so have obviously noticed lots of changes! One problem I have, as a petite, is limited choices for both colours and styles. Navy isn't ideal (though better than black) however sometimes I have to compromise. That's where coloured scarves and necklaces come in handy! The yellow jacket is new: I bought it in the Spanish department store EL Corte Ingles when I bought the 4 petite items in the first photo, as it went perfectly with the navy and yellow top!

  3. The warmer colors do suit you. It is hard to find clothing options for petites! We were just in England and Wales and I saw a lot of black, as usual. Almost nothing for petites except work wear.

  4. So true, Robin! Why would petites want to wear black, when people tend to overlook us at the best of times?! Also, many petite ranges include large patterns, which overwhelm us! Rant over. Hope that you had a great trip. Sue