Saturday, 22 October 2016

Building my autumn 33 capsule

I'm a bit late in putting together my Autumn 33 capsule: partly because of two trips to London at the beginning of the month and partly because of my new purchases, which I have included in the capsule below. For any new readers, I am following Project 333, which means that I have a capsule of 33 items of clothing to last me for the next 3 months. If you click on the link above to read more about Project 333, you will realise that I bend the rules a bit and don't include any shoes, bags and other accessories in my 33.

These are all recent purchases that blend well with my capsule

The blouse on the left is new

My new striped sweater is in the second photo

The brown tweed jacket bought on my last trip to London

I have seven new items in my wardrobe, some of which were for my birthday and the rest were bought on my two recent visits to London. That means that when I next do a clear out, I will aim to throw at least seven items out with the recycling: we have bins locally that are destined for a charity.

You probably realise that I have only included 32 items above. My wild card will be a dress to wear on Christmas Day and for any parties that I want to get dressed up for, though that will be weather dependent! I have included a couple of sparkly tops in my 33 that I can wear when going out if it's too chilly for a dress.

Six of the tops are short-sleeved so I will gradually replace them over the next three months. As I have four cardigans and two jackets that can be layered over my tops, plus a trench-coat as an outer layer, I doubt if I will need to wear a coat until winter.

Looking back at previous posts showing my Autumn 33s, it's obvious that my colours now are warmer than in the past, plus there are more neutrals. This helps to make the capsule more versatile as the majority of my tops can be mixed with all of the bottoms. In fact I've calculated that I could wear a different outfit each day until the end of the year - how's that for versatility?


  1. Your Autumn wardrobe looks wonderful. Lots of neutrals and warm colours. Love the splash of blues and violet. I think it would be interesting to compare how you did things in previous years and how you do things this year. Thanks for your post. Happy Autumn! (Spring here but still feels like Winter) Carol S

  2. Thanks, Carol. I guess I should write something about how my wardrobe has changed over the years since I retired and started blogging - what do you think?

  3. As a newcomer to your blog (and possibly a colour twin - I love your selection) I would like a 'retrospective' on how you reached this point!

    1. Thanks Alice (my twin!). I guess that I definitely need to write a post about how I reached this point. Watch this space!