Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Do you like chocolate?

I've been inspired by a recent post on the Looking Stylish website: How to wear chocolate brown - colour combinations for you to try.  First of all I ate a piece of dark chocolate (it's supposed to be good for you!) and then I looked into my wardrobe to see how many chocolate items of clothing I have. Here's what I found to begin with.

There are several different shades here, just as chocolate varies from white chocolate to milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Too much chocolate though can be bad for you, so I decided to have some fruit.  Do you like oranges and peaches?

Or how about lemons and limes?

What about some vegetables - pumpkins, avocados or tomatoes? Enough of this nonsense!

The point I'm making here is that when you start with a neutral colour, you will have a wide range of accent colours that you can wear with it.  Remember though that if it's a warm neutral, you should choose warm accents. I chose these accent colours to go with my brown basics, but they will also look good with my other neutral of camel.

If your colouring is cooler than mine, you may have black, navy or grey as your neutral colour and your accent colours will obviously be cooler. However you could choose chocolate too. In her blog post, Maria of Looking Stylish shows combinations using cooler colours such as blue and pink. 

So, back to my original question: do you like chocolate?

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