Saturday, 20 August 2016

From Travel Wardrobe to Whatever's Clean

In my previous post, I showed you what the brilliant Janice from The Vivienne Files included in her travel six-pack and I then showed my own version. The actual number of items of clothing was nine, with six pieces packed plus a travel outfit.  

If you follow the above link, you can see how Janice then expanded this to create a Whatever's Clean wardrobe of just 13 pieces. The idea is that everything should mix with everything else in your capsule, so you don't end having to wear a couple of clean pieces that clash horribly. (I've experienced this myself when on holiday, partly due to the number of colourful pieces I had packed!) In reality most of us will have more than 13 items of clothing in our wardrobe, but creating your own Whatever's Clean capsule is still a useful exercise and definitely comes in handy when travelling. 

You can see the 13 pieces Janice that included in her version of Whatever's Clean in the following pictures. To start with there are three "toppers", then six tops including a couple of patterned pieces, and finally four bottoms including one skirt.  In her blog post she explains the thought process behind expanding her travel wardrobe.

I followed a similar thought process myself. I added a camel cardigan to make three toppers, then chose two more tops, making six tops in total. Finally, I added a pair of cropped white trousers and my Whatever's Clean was complete.

Like Janice's version, my capsule can be combined to create numerous different outfits. Obviously some combinations will look better than others, but it's still a versatile wardrobe. If, like me, you enjoy wearing lots of different colours, you might find this a useful exercise to see how versatile your own wardrobe is and perhaps to identify any gaps. If you're taking part in Project 333 (where you select a total of 33 items of clothing to wear for the next 3 months) you could create a second Whatever's Clean capsule using a different colour scheme - and you would still have seven items to spare!


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  2. I love this - your thought process is perfect, and your results are great!