Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My summer holiday capsule

We're half-way through June, though going by our recent weather here in Spain you might not think so! For many people it's time to start thinking about their summer holidays, especially if they have school age children. Being retired, John and I can choose to go on holiday any time of the year, though we tend to go away in March and September, which are our birthday months and which have the advantage of usually being a bit cheaper. 

Other bloggers have started posting their travel capsules, often with the aim of travelling with hand luggage only, and many of them are based around neutrals with very little colour to break the monotony. This is of course a very sensible, practical approach, which I commend to you.  You will look stylish and your outfits will co-ordinate beautifully plus you won't have to face that dreaded last day of the holiday where the only clean clothes left clash horribly. Yes, I've been there in the past!

I decided to share my travel capsule too. I know I should take a similar approach, but when I'm on holiday I like to wear colourful clothes. I have several navy and dark grey tops and bottoms, which could form the basis of a sensible holiday wardrobe, but my coral and teal tops will be the first items on my packing list. I plan to use dark brown and stone as my neutrals - so I am learning to be a bit more restrained - but I will throw in colourful scarves and jewellery to relieve the boredom.  

This holiday capsule is based around colours that I have now learnt (through following the 7 Steps of Style system) will flatter my colouring, with clothes that fit my style words of "Colourful casual chic".  My choices probably wouldn't be your choices - unless you're an Enigmatic with a similar style and body to me. What I'm trying to do in this blog is to encourage you all to discover your own style personality and find your best colours and shapes. Remember always: don't do as I do, do as I say!

Today I wore an outfit that won approval from other members of the 7 Steps to Style facebook group, so as well as the clothes shown above I will pack this dress for going out to dinner. The shoes are almost identical to the nude pair of ballet flats shown above and, although the bag isn't the same colour, it's a similar style. The shrug and four tops shown in the above picture are the ones I actually own, whereas the other items are the nearest I could find on Polyvore.

Do you belong to the "pack as much as you can in case you need it" brigade, or are you someone who plans carefully and manages to get away with hand luggage only?

PS (Just for Juhli!) These are the clothes that I packed for my holiday in France last year.  As you can see, the colours were brighter and cooler than the ones I've chosen here. They are close to Winter in the old seasonal colour systems, whereas Enigmatic colours are deep, soft and warm.


  1. Hi Sue, I'm someone who travels with only carry on luggage. My neutrals are navy and black. I have always worn coloured tops and Imogen's contrast blogs confirmed why. I have pinkish skin blue eyes. My grey hair looks blond.

    I always thought people with dark hair looked best with dark shoes, but this picture shows otherwise. Your legs look much longer with the lighter shoes.
    Sharon Canada

  2. Hi Sharon, lovely to hear from you. Most of the time I wear dark shoes, but the ones I tried on with this dress appeared a bit clumpy so I decided to try this nude pair on and liked the look. As you say, it makes my legs appear longer - which is always a plus for me! I originally bought them to wear with light coloured trousers for the same reason - to make my legs look longer.

  3. Lovely capsule! Have you compared it to what you packed before you did 7 Steps? I would be curious to see the color and style evolution.

  4. Juhli, I've added a postscript just for you! A year ago I was packing brighter and cooler colours for my holiday in France.

  5. I do like your travel capsule colors and styles. I don't really know much about the whole color system although I read that book years ago , Color me something. I tried to guess and I think I might be a summer. The big problem with most of the online programs is the $$ that they charge.
    But the point of this comment is to say I like your style and enjoy seeing what you post.

  6. A lovely compact travel capsule. Everything goes with everything including you! Carol S